Sunday, January 10, 2016

My latest Obsession

Not blonde hair and a tan.....
The 100

I've read heaps of fan fiction about it.

My tumblr is full of it.

Now I have a Bellamy Blake (favourite Character) bowl in the works.

I used this picture

Drew this quick drawing

Then using underglazes - in shades of blue - decorated this bowl

As per usual not sure how it will turn out - underglazes can be a little hit and miss especially with dark colours.

Quite proud of it hope it survives and the detail doesn't end up muddy.

Also threw a couple of mugs

Monday, November 30, 2015

Gotten lost in Fan Fiction

Not quite as pathetic as it seems. A. There are some fantastic writers out there. Better than some books I've read. B. I started writing!!!!

Not altogether sure how it happened. Something sparked and the next thing I knew I'd a teeny tiny oneshot and started a multi- chapter fic.

My inspiration From Dusk till Dawn the series - honestly you need to check it out. Love it and totally adore Seth Gecko played by DJ Cotrona. Yeah I'd never heard of him either, but now he's all over my phone and iPad.

This is one of my graphics made on my iPads.

I've even started a tumblr account.....I know, but it's fun and I've connected with some great people who love my fandom a just as much as me. Also found me some Beta's to support my poor writing skills. Check out and 
My two betas with fab tumblr blogs.

Anyway if interested I write From Dusk Till Dawn fan fiction and The 100 (only started, but working on more). My OTPs are SethKate and Bellarke.
Links to my fan fic pages and tumbler.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Amigurumi Squirtle

On holiday and had some free time.
Decided to work up a little Squirtle. Must make Bulbasaur next.

He's pretty cute, about the height of my palm.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Celtic Shot Glasses

Recently out of the kiln.
Really pleased with how these turned out.

Love them so much I needed to make more.

Trying a slightly different technique with a red iron oxide infused slip.

For sale via my Facebook page.