Monday, April 21, 2008


Been a couple of days, but not to worry I have been busy.
I've only got a couple of things to complete in my NAME swap, I've also signed up for a SKULL/SKELETON Swap on Craftster. So I've been busy with my hook.

Had the Kenwood out again this weekend and made: Celery Bread, Seeded Wholemeal bread (3 of them), Walnut and coffee layer. I also made some chewy flapjacks and a cannelli bean, tomato and basil casserole. The Gasgbags (my local crafting group) will get to sample the cakes and celery bread tonight.

Finally, I entered a Macro (close up) photography challenge on craftsters. I had a choise of which to enter. I finally picked the eye one called "The street where you live". These are my latest macros

Thoughtful Chirpy

Willow 1

Willow 2

Cute little Ear

The Street where you live

Which one do you like best?

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fluffywelshsheep said...

I like willow 1 cute nose