Thursday, April 10, 2008

Starting Again

I have my own website, which used to have a blog, but then the guys decided to charge me for it. So I haven't blogged in ages. Check out my site, as there are some fab recipes, some funky crafts and links.

So what am I up to atm.
Working on a swap for crafters ( link on website), which is fun. It's a name swap so I'm making items for JEN and her sons ZACH and SAMMY. Won't say what as she may stalk and find out and it just has to be a surprise.
I'm also working on a CAL (crochet-a-long) on both craftster and ravelry ( link website). This is a 12 month 12" square CAL. Each month a new square is picked to crochet for an afghan.

This is it so far

I'm also working on a wrap around cardigan. This is my first big adult project (SCARY). I have finished the back and I'm working on my first sleeve. It's looking great, but it's slow going as I knit slow and get bored easily.

Back of cardigan:

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