Friday, May 16, 2008

Blinking Chickens

Don't get me wrong I love my chickens, but they can be somewhat heartbreaking to keep.
I usually have a nice group of around 10 chickens, as off about 3 weeks ago I had 7 chickens laying regularly (2 not laying due to being cockerels). I had a fab looking basket of eggs with small white silkie eggs, large light brown Isa Brown eggs, smaller brown barnevelder and other black chicken eggs and funky olive green Araucana egg.
Over the past couple of weeks the Araucana stopped laying, but they can do this for a variety of reasons. Unforunately she has now stopped eating and has developed Sour Crop. This is not good and I could loose her.
Today one of my Isa Brown died. She was looking a bit unsteady on her legs the past two days, but she was eating OK and had no lumps or swelling. This morning she was no more. :o(
Blinking Chickens!!!

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