Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Up and Down

Haven't felt much like blogging recently. My Araucana continued to get worse and finally succumed to her illness on Sunday night. I spent ages feeling down and helpless whilst she was ill. I'm gutted that she died, but least it has stopped the suffering for both of us.
I now have a group of current bushes to mark her grave. I miss her.
This was my beauty:

I have a asked a friend in Shetland if she will sell me, some Shetland chickens when I'm up. They lay greenie eggs. I was also thinking about buying some araucana eggs when my other silkie goes broodie. But we'll see.

On the other news front I have completed the skull stuff for my two swap partners. One parcel is winging its way to USA and the other to Australia. Mine have also been sent, so I should be getting fun pressies in a few days time. :o) Hmm can't wait.
I've got two more swaps on the go. The tea cosy one which I have to snd out by Saturday (AARRGGHHHH)....Gee I had better make a start. I know what I'm doing so it should only take me a couple of evening to complete it, (famous last words).
I'm also doing a Pick and Choose swap. It's rather funky. We had to pick 5 themes and then put togther a list, of at least, ten items we would like to receive. So our partners have to make 5 things, one for each theme. The actual items have to picked from our list. This should be so cool. My partner wants:
1. Rock n'Roll/50's kitsch
2. Recycling/Reuseable Fashion
3. Powerpuff girls/super heroines
4. Tattoo
5. I <3 my hairy little fat monster Cats

Her items are:
1 painting or photography
2 jewerly
3 mixed media tee
4 subversive embroidery/ cross stitch
5 kittys plaything
6 some home decor thing to collect all these sheets and notes and little thingies that make it look messy on my desk OR something similar for my jewerly...
7 tote bag
8 handmade journal w/ maybe some nice vegan/ vegeterian recipes
9 an obi-/ kimonobelt
10 scarf/ shawl

Awesome, what I different set of themes. I've thought of heaps of things to make from her list. I decide on theme and then change my mind, so i have no idea what she will end up getting. Although I have made a definite start on the 50's kitsch theme item. Could take me forever.

Made a fab couple of tarts for my crafting evening last night. The savoury one was an onion and wensleydale cheese one. Hmm lovely and the other was a Rhubarb, Lemon and poppyseed tart.
The dessert was easy to make. Sweet pastry case, with a layer of lightly sweetened and poached rhubarb ( could use tinned if no fresh available. Topped with sponge mix flavoured with fresh lemon juice, rind and poppyseed. Then baked in a medium oven for 30 to 45 mins. Yummy. Still have a bit left for supper.

Ah well back to the grind. :o)


Roobeedoo said...

I tagged you! You're "it"!

Mother Mastiff said...

I am a handspinner but also very interested in rare chickens (I conserve the ancestral land races from which the Araucana ws developed in the early 1900s).

I was intrigued that you have a friend who has Shetland chickens as I have been trying in desultory fashion for years to find some.

I raise an endangered American breed of sheep, Gulf Coast Natives, with lovely fine wool, and blend it with silk, bamboo, and other luxury fibers to make super soft roving to spin.

I would be interested in a chance to communicate with your friend about the Shetland birds if they are the old type (colored eggs, and the birds between bantam and large).

Might be persuaded to send a bump of fancy spinning fiber as a bribe, since you have that lovely little castle wheel you found on eBay.

You can sort out my addy from the following, mother (and the at sign) mothermastiff (then the dot com).

Hoping to hear from you! laurie (Mother Mastiff)