Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I made ...

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for the Name Swap.
Now to my hard work. The brief I got was that the lady would like things for herself and her two boys. Both boys were into transfomers and starwars and one of them liked to draw. As for the mum she liked fairies, owls, baking and scarfs.
So this is what I cam up with:

So we have:
An Owl card with details of the loot
Some scottish sweets and biscuits
a little scottish recipe book
a transformers blanket
a crochet cupcake box
a crochet owl stuffed with a scarf
a little crochet fairy
a wingdings wash bag
a drawing set.

Close ups.....

I really enjoyed making all these items and I hope my partner feels well rewarded with the loot she received.


Kookie said...

I don't know whether I commented in the Name swap gallery but I love the transformers blanket, I'm sure the little boy who owns it will love it forever : )

Roobeedoo said...

Crikey! What a lot of goodies in one parcel! Your swap pal will be thrilled I'm sure. Makes a pair of socks a month look a bit of a meagre output, if you ask me! !D

zombiecazz said...

Thanks Kookie. It's my biggest crochet project to date. I really liked it.

only one pair a month. I doubt it you're foreer putting up pictures of fabulous socks. I've only ever finished one pair:o( I'd love to be faster at knitting socks.