Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ARghh need sleep

We have a new addition to the mad house. Her name is Fizz and she's 10 months old. Hence the reason for the lack of sleep. Just couldn't sleep right last night, as I was always conscious of the new girl wandering around the room.
Here a quick's all new to her so she was unwilling to stop long enough for a good one yet.

Other news. Finally finished my Pick n Mix swap and got it sent away. Was really happy with it so can't wait for my partner to receive. I should be getting mine any day now.
It was my OH's birthday yesterday, so he got some fun presents and I always try to include something home made. This year he's got a 46 onto a t-shirt. 46 in bright yellow is Valentino Rossies number.
I also made him a Stewie from Family guy. It's not perfect, but I like it. It's crocheted. The pic is blurry too. need to get my batteries charged.

My swap partner in South Africa finally received her Tea Cosy. YES!!!! I was getting worried that it had gone awol in the post. Gee it took 20days to get to her.
You can see my efforts
here post by Craftrica. My cosy is the scottish theme with embroidered Thistle on one side and scottyu dog applique on the other.

Free form CAL is still going strong. Our organiser had some home issues, so we were missing instructions for a couple of days, but everything is back to normal and I will be doing some catch up later. Will post pics once I'm caught up.

Friday, June 13, 2008

12 days of Free Form CAL

Well actually it's the 13th day, but no instruction yet to do. If you want to see the instructions have a look HERE.

Anyway I'm still loving the CAL. I've learnt some new stitches and I love the funkiness of my Free Form and how completely different everyones look.

SO to the Pics. Days 1 to 4 are further down my blog, so here we have days 5 to 12

I'm thinking that maybe once I have done this I might use the same instructions and do one in shades of green.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skull Swap Goodness Two

Well if you thought I got a fab load from Deadbathducky, then you'll be blown away by the loot I got from gossamer_gull.

Oh my goodness, fab material, coasters, knapkin tidy, stickers, journal, pot holders, iron on rhinestones, boxes of sweets for the kids....So much!!

Off course these lovely ladies didn't just send me this out of the goodness of their hearts. I actually had to make them things too. So here are some of the items I made.

DBD loot.

Close up of recyled bangle. Made using a ring cut from a plastic bottle, some left over material and a bit of stuffing.

Alas poor yorik. A crochet skull with a hidden compartment to hide a pretty daisy scarf.

Some of gossamer_gulls loot.
A set of crochet Jack Skellington Juggling balls.

A Scottish Day of the Dead piece. This is applique, with embroidered detail on a tartan bakcground.

A cute Skelanimal apron.

I'm working on another swap atm. ALthough my partner seems to have gone AWOL. oops. Hoping she'll get in contact real soon.
Plus I'm also working on my Free Form CAL. I'll post heaps of photos showing my progress tomorrow. It's reaaly fun and everybodies are so different.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Skull Swap Goodness One

Tired, need a lie down!! Been off ill for two days with cold/virus/generally feeling yuk. Went to work today and had a full day of being in a pharmacy with computer fixing going on. Not normally too tiring, but with the feeling rough and not enough sleep over the past couple days, I think I'm feeling it more.

Anyway I had a lovely surprise when I got home. My skull swap package from Australia arrived. It's fab. Loot consists of:

1.Skull Beanies from my honey (modelled by DD) and my son.
2. Skelanimal for my DD.
3. Treasure chest full of fun things like beads, polymer clay bone necklace, aussie chocolate pennies, skull eye patch, skull badges and most fabulous crochet skull with beanie hat.
4. Aussie Tea towel.


It's all fantastic. I really love it all, but I want the little skull hat in adult size.

Still doing my Free Form CAL, it's great fun.
For day three we had to cluster the number of shoes we owned. I guestimated 20.

For day 4 we had to change to a finer yarn and smaller hook and lace (1sc, 1ch, 1sc) the number of your birthday.

It's going swell.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Crochet-a-long

Thanks to my pal Kookie, I have just started a new CAL on craftster. Sounds like it's going to be a hoot. The CAL is Free Form. Each day we get a new set of instructions to crochet.
Day 1.
1. Using your favourite hook and whichever yarn comes out of your stash first, chain the average age of your household

2. DC an amount of stitches equal to the number of letters in your full name

Day 2.
"using the brightest yarn we have and whichever hook suits it best. I'd like you to measure your foot in centimetres and do that amount of trebles. If the number exceeds the amount of stitches you already have then either start a new row (count the turning chain as another treble) or carry on round the corner of your base chain using the other side."

This is great. I have no idea how the piece will turn out or what I will do with it. Yeah
So here it is so far.

great fun. Here's the
link to CAL thread on craftster.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I've been Tagged.

by Roobeedoo ARgghh what should I do. Well I followed the signs and apparently I should tell you about myself.

1)What was I doing ten years ago?
I was still in University. I had been a perpetual student for 10 years by this point and I was fast approaching actually finishing my first and only degree. I loved being at Uni, but it took me ages to find something that didn't bore me ridgid.
2)5 Things on my non-work to-do list today
1. Watch Dr Who
2. Dry kids school school clothes
3. Get recycling from hall to car to recycle centre
4. Make some dinner
5. Finish tea bag cosy fro swap

3)Snacks I enjoy
I'm really getting into Taxi chocolate biscuits and I love olives, bombay mix, pretzels and home made cake (one of the reasons I'm so fat, that and I do no excerise at all. Someone needs to invent some fitness routine I can do whilst crafting or on the computer!)

4)Things I would do if I was a billionaire? I would buy myself a little bit of land and have more chickens and more veg and I would hire someone to look after them when I was away checking out the carpathians, egypt, peru, etc etc

5)Places I have lived
Gairloch, edinburgh, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

6)Jobs I have had
Restaurant everything - cook, manager, dishwasher, waitress. Supermarket veg area (arghh never again, stopped when I started dreaming about apples). Clinical Audit for NHS and IT Facilitator NHS.

7) Peeps I want to know more about: