Friday, June 13, 2008

12 days of Free Form CAL

Well actually it's the 13th day, but no instruction yet to do. If you want to see the instructions have a look HERE.

Anyway I'm still loving the CAL. I've learnt some new stitches and I love the funkiness of my Free Form and how completely different everyones look.

SO to the Pics. Days 1 to 4 are further down my blog, so here we have days 5 to 12

I'm thinking that maybe once I have done this I might use the same instructions and do one in shades of green.

1 comment:

Kookie said...

yours is pretty, mine is uglier than sin *lol* I'm still enjoying it though : ) I think I might have a go at a monotone one when we're finished, just to see if mine comes out as ugly!