Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Skull Swap Goodness One

Tired, need a lie down!! Been off ill for two days with cold/virus/generally feeling yuk. Went to work today and had a full day of being in a pharmacy with computer fixing going on. Not normally too tiring, but with the feeling rough and not enough sleep over the past couple days, I think I'm feeling it more.

Anyway I had a lovely surprise when I got home. My skull swap package from Australia arrived. It's fab. Loot consists of:

1.Skull Beanies from my honey (modelled by DD) and my son.
2. Skelanimal for my DD.
3. Treasure chest full of fun things like beads, polymer clay bone necklace, aussie chocolate pennies, skull eye patch, skull badges and most fabulous crochet skull with beanie hat.
4. Aussie Tea towel.


It's all fantastic. I really love it all, but I want the little skull hat in adult size.

Still doing my Free Form CAL, it's great fun.
For day three we had to cluster the number of shoes we owned. I guestimated 20.

For day 4 we had to change to a finer yarn and smaller hook and lace (1sc, 1ch, 1sc) the number of your birthday.

It's going swell.

1 comment:

Kookie said...

Cool swap loot!
The freeform is great isn't it? Mine looks crap today but tomorrow it will look different again so its all good *lol*
I hope you start to feel better soon x