Monday, July 14, 2008

Cobweb Vest

My latest creation.
I finished this today for my Mum.
Isn't it fab?
I got a fab crochet book from a charity shop with lots of lace motifs and stitch patterns. I then decided to make a vest using this cobweb one.
it didn't take long and it actually turned out rather well.
I made it for Mummy dearest.

Sadly my poopie cat hasn't turned up. She's not made it back to her previous owners yet and I've no word from vets or radio.

Also my swap parcel from Germany has been making it's way to me since 18th June and still hasn't got to me and the parcel I sent to Germany on the 23rd June hasn't arrived either!!! How's that for odd. Apparently it's only meant to take 3 days to get to germany!!! I'm still hopeful.


Kookie said...

OOOh that vest turned out pretty : )
not good news about your flippin' cat or your parcels though! when they take this long it's always a nice surprise when they DO actually turn up!

zombiecazz said...

got amessage from my swap partner her package to me was returned to sender as they couldn't locate my address. I don't know USA, canadian and south african mail seem to be able to find me.
She's going to redo the address and resend it.