Thursday, July 3, 2008

Desperately Seeking Fizz

I've been really down. My new poopie cat has run away. It was all my own fault as I didn't keep her in long enough. I've never had an issue when getting new cats, so I got too cocky. She seemed so happy and settled, but obviously something went wrong.
I've put up posters, informed all the local vets and got in touch with the SSPA and the cats protection Lost and Found. I've also contacted her previous owner.
So everyone keep your fingers crossed that someone will find her. I almost feel like one of my kids has gone missing.

My friends and I on NEEPS have been working on a blanket for one of the NEEP's sisters. She's a very ill lady and used to have a well loved crocheted blanket. When she ended up in care the blanket was too old to go with her, so her sister (a neep)decided to make her a new one and loads of her friends volunteered to help.
Well a few weeks ago the crafting group on NEEPS spent several evenings working on sewing the blanket together.
Pic of Blanket

isn't that cool. I'm very proud of everyone getting involved.

I made my first wearable item of SEWN clothing the other day. Off course I didn't make it for me. I made them for my DD. It's a pair of wrap around trousers. They are so easy to make, once someone posts a fab tutorial on craftser that is.
Anyway I made them in an hour or so using a cot sheet I had bought from a charity shop, some spare fabric and some fabric ties.

Aren't they fab.

Anyway I quickly nipped into my local charity shop and picked up a single duvet cover and some other material, as I plan to make a pair for myself too.


Kookie said...

OH NO!! I hope Fizz comes home, it bought a tear to my eye reading that she's legged it. I panicked the first night Oscar didn't come home when I shouted him but he was back the next morning miaowing for breakfast ; )
Your DDs wrap pants look ace, I like the contrasting waistband, a damned good start to sewn wearables.
and I can't leave without saying GREAT work to you and your fellow NEEPs on the crochet granny blanket, everyone deserves a lovingly made blanket : )

Kookie said...

did Fizz come back yet??

zombiecazz said...

No.I think my only chance is that she will make it back to her previous owner or someone will spot her and tell the right people.

Samsara said...

Hope Fizz comes home!

Roobeedoo said...

I won't mention Fizz... sorry!
Gorgeous funky trousers! And the crochet top is really rather fab too - you have been busy!