Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while.
Spent a week in Shetland with my mum and kids. I'll blog that with some pics when I get a hold of my mum's camera.
Now I'm home and me and the OH are busy moving the rooms in the house around. I don't really want to spend my hols doing this, but winter will be here before you know it and I'm determined to have either a fire or a stove working before it gets cold.
Plus I want an area where I can invite friend round for dinner.

Crafting has been a bit on the back burner. I've finished my August square for the 2008 12" CAL
mine's a little wonkie, but still cute.

I'm involved in a monthly square swap on ravelry. This month we did a circle of friends square
This is how mine turned out.

It turned out much smaller than 12", so I did more repeats and finished of with a couple of rows of hdc.

Apart from that I'm working on a babies jacket for a work colleague and this
gorgeous circle cardigan
Unfortunately I got to the cast off for the sleeves and I had way more repeats than the pattern says. Oh well it still looks fine so I'll plod on. I'm making mine in black with a bright pink thread running through it.

Catching up on previous blogs. My pussy cat hasn't turned back up, so I still have my fingers crossed that she makes it back to her previous owners.
My Pick n' mix swap parcel apparently ended up back in Germany and the last I heard was that my partner was going to resend it. The parcel I sent her is still missing or so I presume as I haven't heard back from her recently. I'm not pleased. I put a lot of effort into those goodies. If I hear from her soon I'll post some pics.

OOh I have a wee recommendation for some things I have been reading and watching lately.
Bought my mum
Shakespeare Retold last christmas and we just got round to watching them. Fab stuff. So far watched "The Taming of the Shrew" and Much Ado About Nothing" Excellent. Loads of fab british actors and really well made. Looking ofrward to the next two.

Borrowed this book from the library. Cool crochet... Some fabulous stuff in it. Several I would really love to crochet.
I'm loving going back to the library again. Reading up a storm.

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Kookie said...

Hope you had a nice visit with your Mum : )

I've had my eye on that circle cardi forever but can't work myself up to trying it.
The Cool Crochet book looks good, are the patterns in errrm shall we say GENEROUS sizes? ; ) I'm sick of pattern books where they think 36" is large.
Damned shame about the missing pusscat and the missing swap parcels, I hate it when that happens, makes me feel guilty!