Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mummy Stop Working So Hard

Second day back at work and already she's feeling neglected.

The house is moving on nicely.....still huge amounts of crap, but at least most of the furniture is in the correct rooms.
Off course the couch is never, ever, ever moving rooms again!!!!!

I'm still working on my 8" squares and the litlle/medium extra. I got my parcel from Kookie (i'll post pics once batteries have charged). She sent me 10 fabby squares and some yummy soap.

Bought some yarn for my ravelympic Shrug which I will be making this weekend.mmm RED.

Anyway back to the grind.


Kookie said...

That picture is priceless! Oscar just sits in front of the screen so I can't see what I'm doing : )

Taz said...

My wee dog likes to try and sit on my knee as I'm typing which isn't much fun when you're on a laptop I can tell you :)

Kookie said...

just saw your comment on my crafty bits page, yes I am on Ravelry (Kookaloo Starr)but I don't check in there very often.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work :)

well do a swap you can come and tidy the house and i'll come and help with the garden ! lol

Roobeedoo said...

Ha! Priceless! My cat sometimes tries to help type if I am paying the screen too much attention but he has never actually done the cute "lie on top of it and bat eyelashes" thing! Ooh a red shrug - pictures please!