Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Time

I need another Holiday. Life has been going so fast since I got back to work my heads begining to spin.

Anyway we got all the rooms moved around. Now I need to start on the long progress of sorting out all the mess.

My lovely friend Nicole popped over from the states for a job interview so I got to entertain her for a week...OMG it's been 8 years since we last met!!! We made snickerdoodles yummy I highly recommend them. These are an old American cookie recipe, a bit more crunch compared to the chewy cookies. I also did a batch today with sugar and ginger, agsin yummy. I also taught her scones and shortbread.
She took me loads of goodies over, kool aid for dyeing yarn, muffin mix ( you get heaps more varieties in the USA), candy for the kiddies and the most fab skull and roses material. 4 and a bits yards for £22. isn't it too die for.

Alexander Henry "Skulls, Bones, & Roses" fabric
Originally uploaded by Mellicious

I finished all my squares for the friendshipghan swap rnd 4 and they're winging their way to Kookie at the moment. I even decided to start another swap. It's an ongoing wish swap. It works so differently from other swaps that it's hard to describe. You claim an item from the last person to post a list. You claim to craft this item for them and then you post your list. the next person claims one of your items and posts their list and so on. It's looking like it could be fun. I've already started the items I've claimed.
More good news, the organiser from the Pick'n'mix swap has arranged an Angel for me. So I will after all be getting a parcel for this swap. My partner hasn't answered any pms since last month so we kinda gave up on her.

So back to my new nutty pussycat.

here's my underwear drawer:

are you confused yet?

well look closer:

Can you see her yet?
Closer still

Yes that's her eye you can see snuggled in the back of my underwear drawer.

See....this is her getting back out.

There you go nutty cat or what....That's our little Fizz or as we call her....you little MINX!!!!


Samsara said...

Ha! My youngest kitty is nicknamed Minx too at times! You'll find that you get addicted to the OWS swap and it's nice to have another Brit in there too! :-) Your friend from the States really spoilt you!

Kookie said...

Oh yes, the OWS is an addiction, I asked them to limit me to one wish instead of 3 this round!
I got my lovely squares today - thank you soooo much : )