Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old Age and grief

Had some rather sad news this week. Another one of my dad's siblings has died. My Aunt Doreen passed away the other night from a heart attack. She was 80 and had a long run. It was also quick, so no lingering illness. Tat leaves just 3 of them out of the original 8 brothers and sisters.
I'm still surprised by it and saddened. Surprised as my dad had 7 siblings and they have most lasted until their 80s, but it's not usually a heart attack that takes them. Dad's now 82 and this was his younger sister, really makes me more aware of his oldness. Saddend for all the usually reasons, but also Dad and I had talked about Aunty Doreen the other day and I was saying I should go see her. Too late. :o(

Swapping fever has hit me again. I'm busy working on some fun things for OWS swap, should be sending out my first two parcels tomorrow and hopefully my third at the start of next week. I lurve crafting.

My DD has borrowed one of the items I'm crafting, so I'm making her a little replacement. I'm usuing Happy hookers, Lil'Monkey pattern to make her a monkey change purse. Shouldn't take too long and should be cute.
Pics tomorrow.


Kookie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt :(

zombiecazz said...

thank you.