Sunday, September 21, 2008


ME and the little one went for a walk today and took a couple of wee buckets. We came home with some brambles, some rowan berries and some chanterelles.
So tomorrow I'm making bramble whisky liquer and rowan chutney

Was reading someones post on Craftster about making cinnamon rolls and I thought yummy, but it was late in the afternoon and no way was I going to start off dough, so I did a search on the web for cinnamon recipes and found Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies perfect I thought. They have cinnamon in them and I just happen to have a couple of way past their best bananas in the kitchen.

They turned out very scrummy.

I also found a recipe for Cappuccino Muffins. They sound scrummy, so I'm making them tomorrow.

My kitchen has had a little change. I got a ceiling mounted pan hanging thingie from Freecycle ages ago. It sat in my hall for yonks and i finally decided to bite the bullet and hang it.

Doesn't it look great. Me and the OH have our fingers crossed that it stays up there. :o)

signed up for two more OWS claims> Argghh i need to hold myself back sometimes. My knitted bag is coming along nicely ( for OWS 38) and I'm busy working on 8" squares,as I'm now doing them for OWS 38 and the friendshipaghan.
Better get on with the crochet.

Friday, September 19, 2008


It's got so cold here. Winter is upon us, as is the blinking rain.

We lost our Buffy yesterday. He was our one surviving chick from last year. I really think silkies are not suitable to the wet Scottish weather. My poor DD was quite upset. I think I'm a bit numb. I'm really fed up with animals dying, bad weather and the like. I'm already missing the sun.

My OWS 38 package I sent to Kartiana arrived. I love the hat I sent her. Unfortunately i didn't use a pattern so I'm not sure how I would replicate it.

I also sent her a wee hedgehog pincushion and a bangle inspired by her wists.

I'm busy working on a couple of things for the OWS 38, plus I need to have 4 8" squares done for the friendshipghan. Then I decided that I should actually learn to knit two socks at a time using my newly acquired (via OWS) circle socks needles. Arghh must be mad.
This is how I'm getting on.

Made quinoa bread, Cinnamon and raisin bread and leek and potato soup Today. All minimum effort with the help of my slow cooker and bread machine. I love express bake.

Discovered a fab romance writer Nan Ryan So far I've read two of her books and loved them. I've already booked some more from the library.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So to top of the pain of loosing my darling cat, I then got struck down with a cold. Fortunately it has only lasted a couple of days and I'm well on the road to recovery. I think it was all due to that massive amount of blubbering I did.
Still talking about my cat, brings tears to my eyes. I try very hard to put it to the back of my mind and focus on other things. Then smack it hits me whilst making dinner or some such normal task.

Anyhoo I thought I'd post some of the items I've finished recently. Unfortunately i don't have pics of it all, as my batteries and I are still not talking. I have sent away for some new ones though.

This is a wine bottle cosy that I sent as part of an OWS rnd 37 swap. I love it. It's the first real piece of freestyle crochet I've done.

Here's a hat I just finished for my DS.

I also made another hat and some gloves for samsara in the OWS rnd37

Hmm not my nails. Pretty Nails Samsara!!

Samsara also claimed me in the OWS rnd37 for crochet stitch markers and a wisty surprise.
These are the markers. So very cool and so my taste. I've been using them too. :o)

My wisty surprise was just as fantastic. Lookie a dragon necklace.

it's been around my neck since I got it.

Anyway I have a swap on ravelry to finish, I've just volunteered to make a handbag in the latest OWS. Gee must be mad. They want one with a mushroom theme and I've got a quilting design in one of my books that will be perfect. Hey I like to stretch myself when swapping (argghhh).

Oh yes and I'm still reading up a storm. I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon and just loved the book. So I bought the first 3 with my amazon tokens.
Started reading Christine Feehan's carpathian Novels. The first one being Dark Prince me likey and if you like that you'll also like J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series starting with Dark Lover and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. Do you notice a trend? Ok I don't just read vampire books. I do have major run ins with fantasy, murder/mystery and Bodice rippers (tee hee). Loving Naomi Novik Temeraire series. Not an ounce of bodice ripping in there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Heart Broken

Our beautiful, lazy, big Tom had to be PTS today.
Thomas went missing for over a week, although this is nothing unusual. He turned up the other night and was beyond poorly. OMG he was so unwell.
He managed to make it through the window and up the stairs. We found him next day sleeping on the couch.
We took him to the vets today.
About 4pm the vets told us that it was no good, he was suffering from Kidney failure and the best thing would be to let him go.
I have been beyond it since then.
At around 4:30pm we went to the local garden center and bought a rose. this one. It's called wildfire and it's SO inappropriate. My lovely poopie cat was so soft, large and laid back the last thing you would call him was a wildfire.
At 5:40pm we went to the vets for our final goodbye. I got a good cuddle and bubble and a purr, then I left the OH and my DS too it. I just couldn't stay until the end. They tell me he went peacefully, purrring to the end.
We took him home and dug a hole in the garden. Laid him gently in it and planted the rose.
I promise to post pics when it flowers.

6 hours later I'm still blubbering. I'm pathetic and I know that he is much better off. I'm thankful he came home and we could ease his pain. It's me I'm blubbering for. I miss him.
I miss the whole extra place he took on the bed. Heck he thought he was adult human size. I miss the loud purring he did, used to have to tell him to shut up, so I could get some sleep. I miss the fact that he was such a Daddy's boy, but still he slept on my side of the bed because daddy is such a restless sleeper.
I miss Thomas!!
RIP My Lovely Poopie Cat.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Batteries Please

I've been going to write this post for days now, but my rechargeable batteries don't seem to be keeping their charge. These means I'm a few pics missing.

We've got new chickens. Brandy, Gin and Sherry.

Sherry and Gin are from a Friend who is selling off his chickens due to vandals. I'm gutted for him. Horrible monsters have been coming around the Fisheries that he runs and burning stuff, breaking windows and abusing his poultry. He's had a destroy several birds. Personally vandalism is something I absolutely abhor.
Anyway I now have Sherry a lovely silkie cross and Gin a Maran who Andy promises me will lay dark brown eggs....She better!!!
Then we have Brandy, she's a wee Buff Sussex (Girl I hope fingers crossed). This is her:

She's about 8 weeks old and is living in the house at present as a pet. Talk a bout poop-a-scooping !!!. She's to young to put out with the bigger chickens yet.
Brandy was a present from a mate. One of those were your 8yr old DD ask if she can take her home and you mate says yes why not....Thank you Shirley.

Got some of my OWS swaps sent off and I'm working on my last item. No photos due to battery issue, but hopefully I'll get some when they arrive.

I've started another CAL, this is Lionbrand Sampler afghan i thought it looked pretty and I think I have just about enough muted colours in my mass of bright and bold colours to make it.It's made up of 30 textured square, 3 different types of square (therefore 10 of each), I'm planning to use multiple threads and for square I just bege and white, Square II beige white and green , Square III beige, white and blue.

here's a couple of pics:
Square I

Square II on top of Square I

Finally some more cute pics of my Fizz.

This is how she likes to sleep in the evening when I'm surfing.

This is me attempting to do some paperwork.

My Friday night crafting group has started up again - Yeah. We're called Gasbags and it's an evening of chat and crafting. We also bring along some home cooked stuff, so that we eat tastey food too. All round I love it and have a great time attending. roll on Friday evening.