Friday, September 19, 2008


It's got so cold here. Winter is upon us, as is the blinking rain.

We lost our Buffy yesterday. He was our one surviving chick from last year. I really think silkies are not suitable to the wet Scottish weather. My poor DD was quite upset. I think I'm a bit numb. I'm really fed up with animals dying, bad weather and the like. I'm already missing the sun.

My OWS 38 package I sent to Kartiana arrived. I love the hat I sent her. Unfortunately i didn't use a pattern so I'm not sure how I would replicate it.

I also sent her a wee hedgehog pincushion and a bangle inspired by her wists.

I'm busy working on a couple of things for the OWS 38, plus I need to have 4 8" squares done for the friendshipghan. Then I decided that I should actually learn to knit two socks at a time using my newly acquired (via OWS) circle socks needles. Arghh must be mad.
This is how I'm getting on.

Made quinoa bread, Cinnamon and raisin bread and leek and potato soup Today. All minimum effort with the help of my slow cooker and bread machine. I love express bake.

Discovered a fab romance writer Nan Ryan So far I've read two of her books and loved them. I've already booked some more from the library.


Samsara said...

That bread sounds lovely! Was the recipe from a book or made up? I love my bread maker and slow cooker too! Essential in the winter! :-)

Kookie said...

ONE sock is too complicated for me never mind 2 at a time !!
also have to agree with Samsara re breadmaker & slow cooker, essential winter cooking equipment : ) Do you have a recipe to share for the bread?

zombiecazz said...

No recipe. I have express bake on my machine that has a white bread recipe. I just play with it.
For the quinoa bread i added some cooked quinoa and reduced the water and flour a bit. Also used honey instead of sugar.
For the cinnamon raisin bread I added some raisins and a heaped table spoon of cinnamon and reduced the flour by a heaped table spoon. Also added extra honey for sweetness.