Sunday, September 21, 2008


ME and the little one went for a walk today and took a couple of wee buckets. We came home with some brambles, some rowan berries and some chanterelles.
So tomorrow I'm making bramble whisky liquer and rowan chutney

Was reading someones post on Craftster about making cinnamon rolls and I thought yummy, but it was late in the afternoon and no way was I going to start off dough, so I did a search on the web for cinnamon recipes and found Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies perfect I thought. They have cinnamon in them and I just happen to have a couple of way past their best bananas in the kitchen.

They turned out very scrummy.

I also found a recipe for Cappuccino Muffins. They sound scrummy, so I'm making them tomorrow.

My kitchen has had a little change. I got a ceiling mounted pan hanging thingie from Freecycle ages ago. It sat in my hall for yonks and i finally decided to bite the bullet and hang it.

Doesn't it look great. Me and the OH have our fingers crossed that it stays up there. :o)

signed up for two more OWS claims> Argghh i need to hold myself back sometimes. My knitted bag is coming along nicely ( for OWS 38) and I'm busy working on 8" squares,as I'm now doing them for OWS 38 and the friendshipaghan.
Better get on with the crochet.


Roobeedoo said...

Rowan chutney? We have loads of rowan trees and I never know what to do with the berries. Can you share the recipe?

zombiecazz said...

This is the link.

I add some chilli for extra spice and if making in a slow cooker use only about half the water.