Monday, September 8, 2008

Heart Broken

Our beautiful, lazy, big Tom had to be PTS today.
Thomas went missing for over a week, although this is nothing unusual. He turned up the other night and was beyond poorly. OMG he was so unwell.
He managed to make it through the window and up the stairs. We found him next day sleeping on the couch.
We took him to the vets today.
About 4pm the vets told us that it was no good, he was suffering from Kidney failure and the best thing would be to let him go.
I have been beyond it since then.
At around 4:30pm we went to the local garden center and bought a rose. this one. It's called wildfire and it's SO inappropriate. My lovely poopie cat was so soft, large and laid back the last thing you would call him was a wildfire.
At 5:40pm we went to the vets for our final goodbye. I got a good cuddle and bubble and a purr, then I left the OH and my DS too it. I just couldn't stay until the end. They tell me he went peacefully, purrring to the end.
We took him home and dug a hole in the garden. Laid him gently in it and planted the rose.
I promise to post pics when it flowers.

6 hours later I'm still blubbering. I'm pathetic and I know that he is much better off. I'm thankful he came home and we could ease his pain. It's me I'm blubbering for. I miss him.
I miss the whole extra place he took on the bed. Heck he thought he was adult human size. I miss the loud purring he did, used to have to tell him to shut up, so I could get some sleep. I miss the fact that he was such a Daddy's boy, but still he slept on my side of the bed because daddy is such a restless sleeper.
I miss Thomas!!
RIP My Lovely Poopie Cat.


Samsara said...

*hugs* I have tears in my eyes and thoughts in my heart for you Hon!

Taz said...

Oh hon I'm so sorry but I'm glad that you and him shared so much love and good memories.

Kookie said...

oh god, that is awful for you (((hugs))) I shed a tear for you too xx

Roobeedoo said...

Sorry. Hugs. Mine too. I can't believe this. My cat was PTS today.

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better soon. I have tears in my eyes too and am not a cat person.

If you need a chat, you can always chat to me on emails or msn :)