Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Batteries Please

I've been going to write this post for days now, but my rechargeable batteries don't seem to be keeping their charge. These means I'm a few pics missing.

We've got new chickens. Brandy, Gin and Sherry.

Sherry and Gin are from a Friend who is selling off his chickens due to vandals. I'm gutted for him. Horrible monsters have been coming around the Fisheries that he runs and burning stuff, breaking windows and abusing his poultry. He's had a destroy several birds. Personally vandalism is something I absolutely abhor.
Anyway I now have Sherry a lovely silkie cross and Gin a Maran who Andy promises me will lay dark brown eggs....She better!!!
Then we have Brandy, she's a wee Buff Sussex (Girl I hope fingers crossed). This is her:

She's about 8 weeks old and is living in the house at present as a pet. Talk a bout poop-a-scooping !!!. She's to young to put out with the bigger chickens yet.
Brandy was a present from a mate. One of those were your 8yr old DD ask if she can take her home and you mate says yes why not....Thank you Shirley.

Got some of my OWS swaps sent off and I'm working on my last item. No photos due to battery issue, but hopefully I'll get some when they arrive.

I've started another CAL, this is Lionbrand Sampler afghan i thought it looked pretty and I think I have just about enough muted colours in my mass of bright and bold colours to make it.It's made up of 30 textured square, 3 different types of square (therefore 10 of each), I'm planning to use multiple threads and for square I just bege and white, Square II beige white and green , Square III beige, white and blue.

here's a couple of pics:
Square I

Square II on top of Square I

Finally some more cute pics of my Fizz.

This is how she likes to sleep in the evening when I'm surfing.

This is me attempting to do some paperwork.

My Friday night crafting group has started up again - Yeah. We're called Gasbags and it's an evening of chat and crafting. We also bring along some home cooked stuff, so that we eat tastey food too. All round I love it and have a great time attending. roll on Friday evening.


Samsara said...

I love that picture of Fizz on your lap, Pippin does that too when I'm on the computer! :-) You're so lucky to have a crafty group! I have to craft alone!

Kookie said...

I can't believe it - I was looking at doing that Lionbrand sampler too! Great minds hey?! ; )