Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Weekend

Well It's the October break so I've decided to take a couple of days off work and chill.

Dad update:
Spend last weekend at Dad's bedside. He went from being on the large O2 mask onto the smaller one and then finally onto the into nose one. He was on Monitors, syringe antibiotics and and bagged. By the time I left he was moved into the General medical ward and completely off all monitors. By the middle of the week they took away his bag and he was getting up to go to the toilet himself. SO things are looking great.

On the way to Inverness on last Friday some guy in a Landrover Discovery with a loaded trailer plough across the road and totalled my car and the car behind me. I wasn't a happy bunny.
Oh well I'm perfectly Ok and that's Ali that counts.

I put a post on NEEPS with all the stuff I've made lately. Go have a looksie Latest Creations Didn't realise how much I've made. Most of it has been crochet.
I've still got one of my OWS rnd 38 swaps to complete, it's really late, but I've told them all my difficulties and promised that it should be in the post on Monday. It's one of those situations that it would have taken me the full two weeks to make anyway and with all the diving up to Inverness I just haven't had the time to complete it.

I'm Working on my 12" CAL blanket. Only 3 months left to go. This is what it looks like so far:

I'm also swapping for my friendshipghan and these are the squares so far. This is so going to be my blanket.

I've also been receiving heaps of swap goodies.
This is the fab stuff I got from Snowday in my first Ravelry swap.

I also got some great chocolate, red crochet hooks and a felted lapel pin. Although I think I've lost my hat to my OH he thinks it's fabulous.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Heart Attack

OMG there are some things you will never prepare for.
My Dad had a heart attack on Friday. He's 82 and a lively, upbeat guy. He's been dealing with a lung problem for 10 years and this has slowed him down alot, but he's still full of life.
I was so scared. I'm so not ready to say goodbye to my dad. Even if he can be the most annoying nag in the world. I love him to bits.
The good news is that they caught in quickly and they're happy that his heart didn't get damaged. He's still in Hospital, but they're hoping he'll be home by the end of the week.
So big hugs and keep wells to him.

I'm now behind in swaps and i have loads of pics to post as I got some great swap packages recently.
Been a crap weekend, with the heart attack, full of the cold (AGAIN!!! I'm never ill) and it's back to work in the morning. I need a holiday and for people and animals around me to stop dying and getting ill.
Oh yes and one of my rats, my favourite Isis, has a tumour. She's on her way out, so she's getting lots of playing time and cuddles, even though it makes me sad. Life really sucks sometimes and old age doesn't do us any favours.
OK I'm going to drag my sorry ass to bed and read some vampire romance to cheer me up.
night night.