Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Blinking flip, been all over this week with work and have not had any time to myself. Ok maybe I've had a little time, but it's not been much and I've tried to make sure I did some crafting.

OH had his CT scan, so we're awaiting results now.

I finished my squares for the 7th rnd of the friendshipghan swap. Actually I finished them last weekend and I have had no time to get to the PO so they're still sitting waiting to be posted.

I started a very silly hat last night. No pattern, just a wee idea from Ravelry.
So far it looks like:

No idea how it's going to look, but hey it's a bit of fun.

I've only got one square to do in my 12" CAL 2008.
Here's October

and December

This one's not finished off yet as I need to check it's 12". I did it on the train to Dundee this morning and didn't have room to measure it properly.

Just have to do November now.

And here's for some AWWness are my two little sun worshipers.

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Taz said...

Hey sweetie good to see you, was wondering how things were with you and yours and here you are :)