Wednesday, December 17, 2008


All done.

I was worried that it would be just messy looking with all the colour changes.....but I think the black has brought it all together. I love it and will definitely be joining the 2009 CAL

I received my latest set of squares from the friendshipghan. These are from Sunspotted in Canada. They'll look fab with the rest of my squares.

So we had cat under squares and now we have cat-in-a-box.

Mad moggy. He loves my new blanket.
If you look closely at the first pic you'll see an aquarium hidden in the background. We got it from Freecycle last week. It's somewhat fishless atm as you need to have it up and running for a week before introducing any fish. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to get some fish in it.

We're going to start of with about 3 Sunburst Platys.

Then we'll add:

A Haplo Catfish

Some Fancy Guppys:

Some Dwarf Gouramis

and some Neons

Can't wait to get some colourful fish and then I can have a go at photographing them...Should be fun.

Finally you must check out Roobeedoo's blog she's a sock queen, so has lots of fab crafty projects on the go and the other day she posted a recipe for sticky ginger cake. I made some and OMG!!!! It's absolutely yummy. It's a batter type recipe that doesn't rise much, but you end up with the most succulent ginger cake...YUMMY!!


Roobeedoo said...

BLUSH! I just popped over to see how the gingerbread worked out and clearly it was a success! Thanks for linking me! Hope the cat doesn't like the fish TOO much! And those are great squares!

Samsara said...

Well done on finishing your squares CAL, I started it but never had the time. Maybe next year! The aquarium will be a nice addition, there's something really soothing about aquariums...till the cats start trying to get in them that is!!! :-)

Taz said...

Oh that gingerbread sounds nice, I'll add that one to my list of things to bake for Xmas.
The blanket looks ace and here's to your new pet fish :)

Kookie said...

a crochet skull you might like : D

Your CAL blanket looks fabbo, I really wish I'd stuck at it! Ah well, there's always next year

Danielle said...
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