Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008


Had a ball this Christmas. Everyone loved their presents. My DD got heaps of video games and a huge amount of Lego and she's dead chuffed. My DS got an xbox 360, wii games, an mp4 player and headphones...oh yes and a little torch that he's over the moon with. My OH got torches, mp3 player, beer, book, dock for sata drives and sweeties he was also over the moon.

Here's the tree

This is our white twig fibre optic tree. Cost about £20 3 years ago and we still love it.
and my presents.

I've been wanting to try Hendricks Gin for an age (too expensive for me to buy). It's very yummy. The diesel perfume is lovely and that fab yarn is dying for me to find a project for it.
Got a fabby MP4 player from my Dad and those gorgeous Skull Candy headphones from my OH (very happy). The cook book is absolutely excellent, some really great recipes in it (from my DD), my mum and I had a food look through it and she's thinking about getting one for herself. We also got some nice bedding which you can see in the next picture.

One of my Friendship granny swap packages went missing in the post, so I made another set for my partner and sent them today. So I thought Id photograph the squares I've been sent. Here they are.

Too much flash, but you get the idea. That's our xmas bedding underneath, it's yummy and black (thanks Mum). Gandalf seems to like it too.

So I've had a great time, but yesterday I was sad. My DS, who's 15 heading rapidly for 16 left school recently and yesterday he heading off to spend some time with his Grandad. Grandad is 82 and hasn't been keeping well. So my DS has decided that he's going to help look after Grandad, help him around the house and learn some of Grandad's skill with cars. I think it's a fab idea, but it basically means he's left Home. I blubbered alot. Pathetic really, but I'm going to miss him.
He left me a fab message on this silly can I got for Xmas. You leave a spoken message on it and everytime you open the fridge it plays the message. My DS said "I love you Mum", this made me smile and cry even more.
Off course then my ASS of a OH wiped it to put his on his own message....so I beat him with a pointed stick until his was bloody.....well I didn't, but at the time I wanted too. Silly man, just didn't get my saddness.
Anyway I have a blissful week with just me, the OH and the animals. I want to do some crafting, some tidying and....well not sure I'll have time for much else.


Samsara said...

Ooo, you got some fab pressies! Love the earphones!!! And the black bedding, you can never find nice black bedding! Shame about the canned message, bloody men!! *lol* Have a great New Year! :-)

Taz said...

Wow you scored with your presents sweetie.
As for your OH he's lucky you only hit him with the pointy stick I'd have impaled him with it! Only joking.....maybe. Men! Can't live with them and you can't shoot them. :/

Roobeedoo said...

That blanket is looking fab! Great colours!