Monday, December 8, 2008

Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold

Blinking flip, I wish I had enough money to pay all my bills and heat my house!!!

Anyway Moan over.

Had a lovely trip to delgatie Castle, for a craft fare and a visit with Santa. Has enlivened my enthusiasm for spinning, so I'm determined to get my wheel fixed and make some yarn. Also I want a blue faced leicester sheep.....need to get a bigger garden though.
Also got me in the christmas mood, so I've been listening to Christmas Songs. This is one of my favourites:

and started making some decorations.

Snowflake No. 1


Roobeedoo said...

Oh so nearly went to Delgatie too - but had a stinking cold so decided against! One of these days we are going to bump into each other!

Kookie said...

OH that snowflake is pretty!!
Craft fair at a castle, 2 slices of heaven in one go :D
I think it will be a choice between eating & heating for us this week - again - so I know exactly where you're coming from! Good thing we have crocheted blankets ; )

zombiecazz said...

Well if you're near Maud this Friday evening we're having the GASBAGS Christmas party. Everyone needs to bring some festive food and a home made decoration for the lucky dip.

Anonymous said...

No how you feel we have storage heaters and recently go told that the meter was faulty !!! We did have a nice little nest egg of credit with the Electrical Company but now they have decided that the metter has been faulty for a While and took a lot of the nest egg away and we are trying to build the credit up and they have also increased the units that the household uses.