Monday, December 1, 2008

Virtual Pigs

One of my fellow NEEPS rears his on Berkshire pigs. This year he has been let down majorly by buyers, so has made a deal with some of us NEEPS and he is going to rear the pigs for us and we'll pay the costs, then he's going to take them to slaughter and we'll do the rest.
I've decided that I'm going to cut up my own pig. So Saturday I spent ages with another NEEP who rears pigs and did her very own one. We scoured the river cottage books looking at the butchering and curing of pork.
I really want to dry cure bacon, make my own sausages and also my own salami and chorizo. I'm really looking forward to it. I know sounds very morbid, but I know how the pigs has been reared and I will know exactly what is in my own sausage, bacon, pork etc. Plus I know it'll taste so much better as it will all be home made.
Here's to virtual pigs

This is stoney's blog if you want to read about a guy who's working the land, rearing his own life stock and who I'd want on my side if SURVIVORS really happened.

Well as our old freezer crapped out a few months ago we invested in a new one, new to us anyway. Cost us £20 and is now taking pride of place in my hall Whoo hoo. It works too.
Anyway that's what I did with my weekend. Which off course is nothing like I planned. I wanted to finish some stuff for my pregnant colleague, make Christmas cards and wrap some presents!!!
Did have a fun crafting evening on Friday night and managed to get a fair bit of my fleece/crochet baby blanket done. I'll finish it tonight.
Also I managed to take the kids to Tolquhon Castle, a lot of Historic Scotland sites were free yesterday to Celebrate St. Andrews day, so we took a wee jaunt over to Tarves and had a wonder around. Some Pics:

It was a very chilly crisp day, but the kids had great fun running around the castle.


Stonehead said...

Thanks for the mention and link. I'm still not sure which exact pig is yours in terms of eartags (the pigs are a little frisky at the moment), but I think the cheeky one that keeps trying to get in the feed bucket might be a good choice...

Oh, and I had to look up Survivors, although I did get the general idea. It seems to be typical of current BBC fare—low budget, ethnically balanced cast, and daft scripting. But I could be wrong.

Taz said...

Oh wow your own piggy that's cool. Me and the smalls are still trying to convince him indoors that we should have our own chickens. I've even researched Eggloos.

Samsara said...

Choosing a pig seems to be getting quite popular at the moment. I won't be doing it though because I'm veggie, but I like the idea that the piggies have had a nice life and are fed properly and not 'battery farmed'. By the way, I tagged you on my blog, hope you don't mind....

Kookie said...

Cazz, Matt will be so envious of you having your own pig to slaughter and eat! Its something we talk about a lot.
I'm with Taz on the chickens, its something we need to look into for next year, need to know whether we're actually allowed to by the landlord before we shell out (shell/eggs/chickens hehehe)
I don't watch much TV but we had been tuning in for Survivors - missed it last night cos I'd forgotten what day we're on LOL