Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Time no see!

I know, I know, I've been terrible and haven't updated in ages. I blame it all on that awful 13 days of Halloween swap I took part in. Huge disappointment - Enough said.
Anyway i have been busy and here are some of my goodies I've made:

1. Meet Reggie. I made him for a lovely lady on craftster. No pattern just winged him and beside him is one of my first coiled fabric bowls. Very cute.

2. A crochet flower scarf. Again for a swap. No pattern. I made the flowers and leaves first and then made a dark green mesh scarf and sewed them on it.

3. Hats for a swap. The flower one was an old curtain and the prototype. I liked it so much I sent it with the actually finished hat (the denim one. Couldn't find a pattern online so I adapted this one.

4. Handmade Halloween Movie note books. I learned how to do coptic binding for a buffy swap and I've been using it ever since. Had great fun making these.

5. Two needle fingerless gloves. I got the pattern of ravelry linky and it's so adaptable. I'm making another set for my niece for Christmas, using a completely different cuff. There's also a little octopus ipod cosy in the pic.

6. Finally a couple of crochet things for my Halloween swap. Amigurumi and juggling balls. No you see a connection.

So now it's a big push to get all the Christmas stuff done.
To do list:
1. Finish 5 hours sweater for my mum. Just need to do the sleeves, but making them 3/4 length
2. Finish wacky crochet squares blanket for DD.
3. Finish off swap items for a fill a stocking swap on Craftster - almost done just one little thing to make and it'll be in the post on the 9th :o)

Plus I'm taking a couple of days annual leave before christmas as I want to make some homemade goodies.
1. Noyau - bottled last night recipe link
2. Limoncello - started last night
3. Mincemeat this recipe as a guide, but we've added loads of different dried/glace fruits,walnuts and allspice. - Jarred

4. Homemade sweeties - planning on making rather than buying this year:

Cinder toffee probably dip half in chocolate

Candy Corn hoping to make these in Christmas colours red, green and white

Chocolate and Almond Popcorn Not sure if I'll use almonds or not. Probably depends on what I have in the cupboard.

So I'm totally in Christmas mode and loving it. Can't wait until I have two weeks of to relax and be merry. I promise to blog more often as I have been a bad bad girl.
More gratuitous pussy cat pics next time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cat's paw

Ho hum that's my holidays almost over. i didn't get done what i wanted to do, but that's because the OH was being unhelpful, but we did manage to do some things that I hadn't planned on doing. We've almost got a laminated kitchen floor for free. We got the laminate from freecycle. It's no where near perfect, but that's because we're laying it and it's not new. Although it's SO MUCH better than what was there before. Hopefully by the end of this week we'll have it finished and we'll also have the new work surface put in. The work surface has been in the hall for at least 3 years now.

I've been a busy beaver crafting for swaps and having a great time trying new things, more sewing projects.
This one I'm really proud of. My first rag doll, she's a day of the dead doll that was inspired by one in someones wists.

I think she rocks.

I also tried my hand at Kanzashi, Japanese folded flowers. Not a craft I'd do again,I've decided I hate working with glue. So I made a few and then added some crochet flowers...much more fun to make.

I've done some more spinning, this is a core spun with some of my food colouring dyed Shetland and a some brown wool mixed with white alpaca. Came out quite nice. I'm working on making a finer yarn. It's going to be one strand of the brown/white alpaca plied with a strand of dark red and green Shetland. I hoping for something a bit like some of the noro shades that you see.

Finally I've been getting on really well with my Cat's paw shawl. Mine is done on smaller needles with finer yarn, as I really want to use it to wrap around my neck. I was inspired by the Aestlight shawl Roobeedoo linked to on her blog. Here's pics of how I'm getting on.

I've got 44 more rows to do then I'm going to have to think about how to finish it off.The original pattern calls for a fringe, but I'd rather like a decorative edging like the Aestlight shawl has.

Anyway I have a day of holidays left to enjoy and on my crafting list I have, reuseable sandwhich bags, crochet bowls, crochet flower earrings, crochet flower scarf and loads of halloween stuff.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've never been much of a sewer. Can't sew in a straight line to save myself. Although recently, via swapping I've really started to get into it. What I now love is how quickly I can produce a swap item compared to how long it would take me to knit or crochet the same thing.
So recently I've made two hipslingers, a mp3 player cosy, a rag doll and a make-up brush roll. Can't show you the last two as they're still in transit, but here are my hipslingers and mp3 cosy.

Cool and my lines are getting straighter. :o)

I also knitted a slouchy beret recently. Turned out to be a very quick knit. Hope it fits the lady I sent it too.

I'm on annual leave and loving it atm. another week to go :o) getting some work done around the house (far too slowly!!!) Managing to get loads of crafting done too. Just wrapped up my BTVS (Buffy) swap package to be sent off tomorrow and I'm hoping to get started on my 13 days of Halloween swap.
Other than that I've joined the travelling teabox on ravelry, which is where this box filled with tea and extra goodies travels around europe. when you get it you take out what you fancy and add back in the equivalent and then sent it onto the next person on the list. Sounds like fab fun. I've also started working on two wraps/shawls:
Cats paw lace shawl I'm making mine with sock wool and smaller needles so I hope it will be much smaller. I want to use it as a scarf.
Versatility I even bought wool for this one. I've been eyeing it up for ages and eventually took the plunge.
Off course both are for me so they sit at the bottom of the pile all the time.
Anyway I'm going to get back to my cats paw shawl.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I've decided that since I have a new office on my own, (somehow I prefer my own space) and I will be spending more time there, that I will start making my own Bento lunches. I've loved the idea for a while, but never really had the drive to do anything about it.
I've joined Just Bento it's given me loads of ideas and recipes and last week I had my first two Bento lunches.

Lunch no.1 consisted off: brown rice, blanched broccoli and mange tout, 1 egg tamgoyaki (japanese omelet), crispy prawns, red pepper and onion confit and earl grey muffin.

It was absolutely yummy and really easy to prepare. I just had to be a little organised. I marinated the frozen prawns the night before. The confit, veg, rice and the muffins where also prepared the night before. Both the confit and muffins will do about 3 days and I made enough rice and for a week (froze the other portions).

Day 2 was not so traditionally Japanese, but it was frugal. We had home made Pizza and salad the evening before, so I made a left overs Bento.

This one was also delicious and a little more filling, that was probably because the scone base on the pizza. Anyway it's home made pizza squares, salad, olives, tomato,pepper and onion confit scrambled eggs, earl grey muffin and strawberries.

We're now on a long weekend. I've been tidying our bedroom/crafting room, catching up and finishing off some swaps. I've made a chicken apron for the OWS 48 swap and it's so cool, I'll post pics once she's received.
I'm now working on a slouchy Beret for another lady on the OWS 48.
Tomorrow I'll be planning my Bento's for the week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

R2D2, Veronica Mars and the Kittens on the Bed

Busy, busy, busy reading about my latest obsession. Veronica Mars Fanfiction!!!
So anyway after watching the only 16 episodes of Moonlight (cancelled Boo hoo). I went a hunting for something else to watch. First thing I did was check IMDB to see what cutie Jason Dohring (Josef in Moonlight) had been in and guess what He was in Veronica Mars. Now I vaguely remember that from when I watched Sky, but I don't think i ever watched an episode.
Wellllllllllll. I have a new obsession it's called LoVe. The fab relationship in, the sadly only 3 series long, Veronica Mars. The relationship that is between Logan and Veronica, hence LoVe.

So I now have all 3 series and I've only 7 episodes left to watch (Boo Hoo), but then there is always the Fanfiction to keep me happy.
All I can say is that someone needs to find another lovable bad boy part for Jason SOON.

OK, OK so it's not all about the cute bad boys and the LoVe story I have managed to fit in some Kitten loving. They are so goddamn cute, adorable, sweet!!! Here's some cute pics.

OOh, ooh, ooh I have been broadcasting myself. Well I've put up some vids of the kittens on youtube. My latest even has a soundtrack. Took me absolutely forever!!!
My camera takes MOV files (quicktime). I tried using Windows movie maker (WMM), doesn't do MOV files. So I converted the files to avi. WMM didn't like that as needed a codec.
So downloaded codec. This then allowed me to import my video file. I then added music, title and credits to the movie. This took a while, but in the end I was really happy with the results.
Then I tried to finalise my movie so I could put it online....well it didn't matter how I tried to do it it just didn't want to work. So back to square one!!!

Finally I used quicktime pro and got an Ok result, although WMM is much slicker.
This is the result:

How cool is that?
Favourite bit: Little girl cat trying to bite black kitten, then doing reverse and full 180. She's just a show off.

So Yes, I have been crafty...well a little bit. I finished my swap for spectrumsparkie in Oz. Here's her R2D2, Passionflower Scarflet and Mary Jane slippers. I used a pattern for the mary Janes, but the other two were improvised by me.

for more photos check out my flickr

Monday, May 25, 2009


Babies are here. I got to look on and make sure everything went fine. My wee Fizzy was an absolute trouper and did all the nasty stuff like clean of birthing sack, eat placenta and chew cord.

Baby pics

We have 3 black ones and 2 tabbies. All born this morning. Now they have spent all day eating they are more belly than anythingelse.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I lurve youtube

So i have been spending heaps of my free time working on OWS rnd 46 swaps, but none of them have arrived yet so I can show you any of my work.
I do have a couple of pics of stuff I made for round 44.
This is a woven African themed Wall hanging. A wildebeast in the sunset.

And this is my first ever pair of knitted mittens. Even better I did them two at a time on a circular needle.

Anyway as to why I LURVE youtube, apart from that fabulous southpark twilight clip. I don't tend to watch too much TV, not because I don't like it, but generally it eats into my cooking and crafting time. Besides when I'm ready to sit down and chill (after 11pm) there's nothing on that I want to watch. Also some of the things I want to watch never get shown on our freeview, but some fab people put the odd series onto youtube.
Recently I got to see the entire first (and only) series of Higher Ground. I like Hayden, strangely enough he reminds me alot of my son.

It's a fab little series and had me blubbing a fare few times.
The new find that I'm watching atm is Moonlight a vampire series, another cancelled american show. I'm only on the second episode so no opinions formed yet.

I've also managed to get in a couple of movies. Tristan and Isolde

Great romance, had a little cry.

Life as a House, has Hayden in it and a cast of well know stars. I just loved this movie, was very moving. Hayden really reminded me of my 16 year old in this one. This one I really did blub about.

Final word....what's with this blinking weather!! I was all gearing up to summer mode and then's cold and wet!!! I was getting so used to drying the washing on the line. I sad :o(

Ooh, ooh, ooh...Ok this really is the final word....keep an eye on the blog as we're getting babies soon. No NOT me!!! I have my Silkie X sitting on 6 Pekin eggs and some of them should hatch any day now....another reason why the weather sucks. Had to spend time today building a run for the chicken and chicks in the pouring rain!!
AND...... my cat is pregnant too. Fizzy is expecting a litter. Here's the baby bellied madam in her new basket. She loves cuddles atm.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

In the HOOD

Hey, hey, Last week I finally managed to finish my DD's Christmas Hoodie...Yes I said Christmas...It only took me a whole 6 months to make it. I'm easily bored and I hate following patterns.
Anyway I'm very proud and it's got slightly cropped sleeves so it'll be fine for next winter.

Apart from that I have just been an Angel to a "Craft My Theme Swap", can't put pics up until the recipients receives.
I joined the Ongoing Wish Swap rnd 46 and so Far I have some Awesome swap partners. They making me a vampire inspired Shoulder bag and A pair of PJ bottoms I'm so pleased.
I'm making some kind of Dr Who bag, a wisty surprise, some bookmarks, cat toys and quilted pot holders. Well today I made the pot holders. Now I'm very pleased with them (can't show you pic yet). It was a bit of trial and error, as I say pattern hater. The first one took ages, as it was the prototype, but the second one was a breeze. Hope she likes them.
Anyway I need to get my swap package all finished off, so that I can send it tomorrow

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well looks like I'm a once a month blogger, not good, I need to improve.
Just had two weeks holiday and managed to get all my swaps up-to-date, to fit some new to me units in my kitchen and we're slowly working on getting the washing done and tidying the garden.
So this is some of the stuff I've been making:

These are my squares for the 200 squares CAL

These are the crochet roses brooches and choker for the Sweat Shop 18 swap.

This is a knitted cable bag that I made for the OWS rnd 44. Took me ages, as I'm such a slow knitter, but I really love how it turned out. Although I hate lining bags.

Anyway apart from all the work, we managed to spend the day on the beach last monday with friends. Off course, it then proved to be the only nice day this week.

We finally managed to let my DD have her birthday treat. We had to cancel it the first time as she got chicken pox lol.
Her treat was to go quad biking with a couple of her friends. She had a fab time and we managed to get some photos.

An now the proud mum moment. My DD (just turned 9) made a cake the other day from begining to end, she greased and lined her cake tin, weighed and mixed all the ingredients, put it into the the tin and finally made the icing and topped the cake. Pics: Yummu Spiced Caramel Cake

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thanks Taz

Ok so one of my mates has thrown me a rope. I can almost see daylight....well enough to type anyway.
So after weeks of doing nothing, but eat, sleep (not alot), work and read fanfiction, I'm actually starting to do other things. Maybe I've overdosed on Twilight or maybe it's because the sun is actually coming out these days and when I get home from work it's stil daylight :o)

So my Chocolate swap package arrived in New Zealand and said swapee was is delighted. I'm so very please as I tried hard to craft just for her.

Here's what I made her: She's a huge zombie fan.

crochet eye ball bag filled with chocolate limes

Bourbon biscuit flash drive cosy. The flash drive is full of music and amigurumi crochet patterns.

Crochet zombie cut throat necklace.

Amigurumi crochet Kit. The gothic crochet roll with hooks ans zombie eye stitch markers goes with the pdf's on the flash drive.

Unfortunately my package from her is still stuck in transit somewhere.

I've done more 8" square swapping and I even got in a swap in OWS rnd 43. I received some fingerless gloves and I made some crochet fruit and veg. My fist attempt and it was great fun. I made the patterns up myself. Pics to follow. I forgot to take any, so I need to wait for swapee to post some.
I've even got embroiled in two swaps for OWS rnd 44. So I'm in the process of knitting a bag and then I'm making some mittens and some black and white wall art.

For the first time ever I sent my library books back unread -Shock, horror- but i have managed to pull myself out of reading only twilight fanfic and I've read Moon Called and The dream Hunter both of which are very fluff vamp/werewolf type stuff good for the switching off.

Ooh ooh ooh...that's the other things I managed to do. I butchered my own pig. Didn't kill it or anything, but I chopped it up into bite sized bits. I made roasts, chops, mince, spare ribs, loin, diced, cheeks and Loads of sausages.

Chocolate chilli, leek and cheese, honey mustard and boozy stout sausages.