Friday, January 23, 2009

Love Bites, Mugs, Chocolate and Crochet

January is whizzing by, but don't you find that's your life now. Is it an age thing? Or do I just keep myself so busy, that time flies?

I have loads of pics to post. I did my first real bit of spinning with my rickety wheel, I then dyed the yarn and crocheted up a couple of wee things for the lady who gave me the fleece.

I started with some white Shetland fleece, spun a small skein of yarn, dyed it with some food colouring and crocheted 2 flowers and a book mark.

I'm on the home runs for my start of the year swaps. I have received my Fill-a-mug parcel and my partner will be picking hers up from the post office tomorrow. Here's what I got.

So there's funky Teas, wonderful real chocolate for making Hot chocolate, a mushroom pincushion, a pink elephant, an oven mitt, home made brownies and the most gorgeous crochet hook roll.. How fab is all that. The mug arrived the next day, but I need charge camera to get pics. It's got chickens on it so I'm well pleased.

I've sent off my friendship granny squares rnd 9 and I'm almost done making stuff for my Love bites swap on ravelry. It's anonymous, so stalking has been somewhat difficult. Just waiting for an answer and then I'm ready to send. Which leaves me with my chocoholics unanamous swap. I've bought supplies, but need to get crafting.

So what else have I been up to. I got a Kenwood Smoothie to go maker for christmas. I love it great for starting off your day, I tend to make myself a banana, yoghurt oatmeal one for breakfast, also fab for a quick boost with banana, milk and frozen berries. I liked it so much that I got one for my DS (who's up at his Grandads) he had it for 2 days and has made heaps of smoothies and loves it. :o)

Must tell you about this absolutely excellent site that someone on ravelry pointed out to me. Goodreads you can add books you've read, put books into a "to read" selection and just keep track of, find new books. They have synopsis of each book, reviews by readers etc etc. It's an absolutely excellent site for an avid reader like me. I love the fact that if I read about a book and think yeah I want to read it, I can add it to my list. I then check my list before ordering book from the library. I'm zombiecazz on there too. Check it out.


Taz said...

Well hello there lady. Was beginning to worry about you too. Between you and Karan I thought you'd both disappeared on me.
Love your spun wool - you are clever ;)
And looks like you got some great stuff with your swap.

Samsara said...

Hiya,loving your spinning! I've given you an award on my blog if you want to pop over and check it out!