Saturday, February 21, 2009

Help!!! I'm being sucked in.....

to the wonderful world of Twilight Fanfiction

I read Twilight months ago and quickly bought the other books, but didn't read them. Anyway whilst we had the snow and the library weren't getting deliveries I had to start reaching some of my stash. SO I picked up the next book in the saga....and then the next and then the next and when that didn't fill me with enough, I saw the movie and then I started reading fan fiction....most of it fab and some of it is absolutely fantastic. like Seducing Ms Swan I am so hooked, haven't picked up a hook in days.

Anyway I'm sure I'll eventually have pull myself out of the Twilight lovefest and get on with my life, but I'm not sure I'm strong enough.....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Hodge Podge

I've been trying to get things finished and take photo's which has in turn held up the whole blogging thing.
Anyway on some fronts I've failed miserably. I did finish all my swaps, but my weaving is going slowly. The problem is my nails keep on falling out. I need to figure a way of keeping the nails in the wood. That doesn't mean I haven't done a fare few squares. Look:

What do you think? The squares are lovely and soft, I only have a couple of squares to do and I'll have the lapghan finished.

I received my goodies from the Love bites swap.

I got some gorgeous sock yarn (now have to find someone to knit me some socks), hearts shaped sweets and pez. dark chocolate, chicken ornament, heart shaped notelettes, earrings and tea.

Here's what I sent.

Hand dyed sock yarn, vampire book, bookmark, neckwarmer, bracelet, black heart necklace, valentine dog and I also had a skein of maroon sock yarn sent to her via etsy.

close up white sock yarn dyed with food colouring:

I'm hoping Heatherrr will post a pic of whatever she makes with my handdyed yarn. Can't wait to see how it turns out. It's 80%wool and 20% nylon and dyed really easily.

and the stitch markers, first I've ever made:

Now for some cuteness.
I surely have a lot to put up with....apparently there's not much I can do without the cats wanting to be involved. This is fine when you're....actually I was going to say watching TV, but even then they still manage to plonk themselves between me and the TV.

Me Crocheting

Me Reading

Went to the library in the morning to pic up 7 books!!! Due to the bad weather the delivery didn't happen last week so they all turned up at once, so I now have:

Lover enshrined : a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood / J.R. Ward
Magic study / Maria V. Snyder
Dead witch walking / Kim Harrison
Dragonflight / Anne McCaffrey
When darkness comes / Alexandra Ivy
Moon called / Patricia Briggs
Dark challenge / Christine Feehan

Anyway Happy (late) Valentines Day. Me and the OH pigged out on tastey cheese, cold meat and bread with some red wine and Hancock (with yummy Will Smith) on the TV. Well worth a look, but could have been better.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's all Roobeedoo's Fault

So my friend introduced me to an old craft and immediately I was hooked. Unfortunately I couldn't find one for myself, so I hodge podged a little one to give it a go.

My hodgepodge Weave loom

My first 3 squares.

What do you think?

I'm making a blanket for my neice from it. I've made a larger one too.
So yes hooked.