Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's all Roobeedoo's Fault

So my friend introduced me to an old craft and immediately I was hooked. Unfortunately I couldn't find one for myself, so I hodge podged a little one to give it a go.

My hodgepodge Weave loom

My first 3 squares.

What do you think?

I'm making a blanket for my neice from it. I've made a larger one too.
So yes hooked.


Samsara said...

Ooo, looks like fun! :-)

Taz said...

Ok you do realise that you are now going to have to do a tutorial especially for me!

Roobeedoo said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! But I have to say I admire your determination in making your own loom! Have a look at the Weave It (Eloomination)Website for instruction on fancy weaves and you will REALLY be in trouble!

Kookie said...

Nice one Cazz! I'm with Taz though, we need step by step photos - cos you can never have too many crafty hobbies : D

Trees said...

That looks really cool! I was thinking weaving could be a potential craft to take on a long plane trip;)