Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thanks Taz

Ok so one of my mates has thrown me a rope. I can almost see daylight....well enough to type anyway.
So after weeks of doing nothing, but eat, sleep (not alot), work and read fanfiction, I'm actually starting to do other things. Maybe I've overdosed on Twilight or maybe it's because the sun is actually coming out these days and when I get home from work it's stil daylight :o)

So my Chocolate swap package arrived in New Zealand and said swapee was is delighted. I'm so very please as I tried hard to craft just for her.

Here's what I made her: She's a huge zombie fan.

crochet eye ball bag filled with chocolate limes

Bourbon biscuit flash drive cosy. The flash drive is full of music and amigurumi crochet patterns.

Crochet zombie cut throat necklace.

Amigurumi crochet Kit. The gothic crochet roll with hooks ans zombie eye stitch markers goes with the pdf's on the flash drive.

Unfortunately my package from her is still stuck in transit somewhere.

I've done more 8" square swapping and I even got in a swap in OWS rnd 43. I received some fingerless gloves and I made some crochet fruit and veg. My fist attempt and it was great fun. I made the patterns up myself. Pics to follow. I forgot to take any, so I need to wait for swapee to post some.
I've even got embroiled in two swaps for OWS rnd 44. So I'm in the process of knitting a bag and then I'm making some mittens and some black and white wall art.

For the first time ever I sent my library books back unread -Shock, horror- but i have managed to pull myself out of reading only twilight fanfic and I've read Moon Called and The dream Hunter both of which are very fluff vamp/werewolf type stuff good for the switching off.

Ooh ooh ooh...that's the other things I managed to do. I butchered my own pig. Didn't kill it or anything, but I chopped it up into bite sized bits. I made roasts, chops, mince, spare ribs, loin, diced, cheeks and Loads of sausages.

Chocolate chilli, leek and cheese, honey mustard and boozy stout sausages.