Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well looks like I'm a once a month blogger, not good, I need to improve.
Just had two weeks holiday and managed to get all my swaps up-to-date, to fit some new to me units in my kitchen and we're slowly working on getting the washing done and tidying the garden.
So this is some of the stuff I've been making:

These are my squares for the 200 squares CAL

These are the crochet roses brooches and choker for the Sweat Shop 18 swap.

This is a knitted cable bag that I made for the OWS rnd 44. Took me ages, as I'm such a slow knitter, but I really love how it turned out. Although I hate lining bags.

Anyway apart from all the work, we managed to spend the day on the beach last monday with friends. Off course, it then proved to be the only nice day this week.

We finally managed to let my DD have her birthday treat. We had to cancel it the first time as she got chicken pox lol.
Her treat was to go quad biking with a couple of her friends. She had a fab time and we managed to get some photos.

An now the proud mum moment. My DD (just turned 9) made a cake the other day from begining to end, she greased and lined her cake tin, weighed and mixed all the ingredients, put it into the the tin and finally made the icing and topped the cake. Pics: Yummu Spiced Caramel Cake