Sunday, May 17, 2009

I lurve youtube

So i have been spending heaps of my free time working on OWS rnd 46 swaps, but none of them have arrived yet so I can show you any of my work.
I do have a couple of pics of stuff I made for round 44.
This is a woven African themed Wall hanging. A wildebeast in the sunset.

And this is my first ever pair of knitted mittens. Even better I did them two at a time on a circular needle.

Anyway as to why I LURVE youtube, apart from that fabulous southpark twilight clip. I don't tend to watch too much TV, not because I don't like it, but generally it eats into my cooking and crafting time. Besides when I'm ready to sit down and chill (after 11pm) there's nothing on that I want to watch. Also some of the things I want to watch never get shown on our freeview, but some fab people put the odd series onto youtube.
Recently I got to see the entire first (and only) series of Higher Ground. I like Hayden, strangely enough he reminds me alot of my son.

It's a fab little series and had me blubbing a fare few times.
The new find that I'm watching atm is Moonlight a vampire series, another cancelled american show. I'm only on the second episode so no opinions formed yet.

I've also managed to get in a couple of movies. Tristan and Isolde

Great romance, had a little cry.

Life as a House, has Hayden in it and a cast of well know stars. I just loved this movie, was very moving. Hayden really reminded me of my 16 year old in this one. This one I really did blub about.

Final word....what's with this blinking weather!! I was all gearing up to summer mode and then's cold and wet!!! I was getting so used to drying the washing on the line. I sad :o(

Ooh, ooh, ooh...Ok this really is the final word....keep an eye on the blog as we're getting babies soon. No NOT me!!! I have my Silkie X sitting on 6 Pekin eggs and some of them should hatch any day now....another reason why the weather sucks. Had to spend time today building a run for the chicken and chicks in the pouring rain!!
AND...... my cat is pregnant too. Fizzy is expecting a litter. Here's the baby bellied madam in her new basket. She loves cuddles atm.

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