Monday, May 4, 2009

In the HOOD

Hey, hey, Last week I finally managed to finish my DD's Christmas Hoodie...Yes I said Christmas...It only took me a whole 6 months to make it. I'm easily bored and I hate following patterns.
Anyway I'm very proud and it's got slightly cropped sleeves so it'll be fine for next winter.

Apart from that I have just been an Angel to a "Craft My Theme Swap", can't put pics up until the recipients receives.
I joined the Ongoing Wish Swap rnd 46 and so Far I have some Awesome swap partners. They making me a vampire inspired Shoulder bag and A pair of PJ bottoms I'm so pleased.
I'm making some kind of Dr Who bag, a wisty surprise, some bookmarks, cat toys and quilted pot holders. Well today I made the pot holders. Now I'm very pleased with them (can't show you pic yet). It was a bit of trial and error, as I say pattern hater. The first one took ages, as it was the prototype, but the second one was a breeze. Hope she likes them.
Anyway I need to get my swap package all finished off, so that I can send it tomorrow


Roobeedoo said...

Hooray for hoodies! And you can tell by looking at that grin that she loves it!

Taz said...

ah if only we'd understood how hard a job housekeeping was before we married the house eh? lol