Thursday, June 18, 2009

R2D2, Veronica Mars and the Kittens on the Bed

Busy, busy, busy reading about my latest obsession. Veronica Mars Fanfiction!!!
So anyway after watching the only 16 episodes of Moonlight (cancelled Boo hoo). I went a hunting for something else to watch. First thing I did was check IMDB to see what cutie Jason Dohring (Josef in Moonlight) had been in and guess what He was in Veronica Mars. Now I vaguely remember that from when I watched Sky, but I don't think i ever watched an episode.
Wellllllllllll. I have a new obsession it's called LoVe. The fab relationship in, the sadly only 3 series long, Veronica Mars. The relationship that is between Logan and Veronica, hence LoVe.

So I now have all 3 series and I've only 7 episodes left to watch (Boo Hoo), but then there is always the Fanfiction to keep me happy.
All I can say is that someone needs to find another lovable bad boy part for Jason SOON.

OK, OK so it's not all about the cute bad boys and the LoVe story I have managed to fit in some Kitten loving. They are so goddamn cute, adorable, sweet!!! Here's some cute pics.

OOh, ooh, ooh I have been broadcasting myself. Well I've put up some vids of the kittens on youtube. My latest even has a soundtrack. Took me absolutely forever!!!
My camera takes MOV files (quicktime). I tried using Windows movie maker (WMM), doesn't do MOV files. So I converted the files to avi. WMM didn't like that as needed a codec.
So downloaded codec. This then allowed me to import my video file. I then added music, title and credits to the movie. This took a while, but in the end I was really happy with the results.
Then I tried to finalise my movie so I could put it online....well it didn't matter how I tried to do it it just didn't want to work. So back to square one!!!

Finally I used quicktime pro and got an Ok result, although WMM is much slicker.
This is the result:

How cool is that?
Favourite bit: Little girl cat trying to bite black kitten, then doing reverse and full 180. She's just a show off.

So Yes, I have been crafty...well a little bit. I finished my swap for spectrumsparkie in Oz. Here's her R2D2, Passionflower Scarflet and Mary Jane slippers. I used a pattern for the mary Janes, but the other two were improvised by me.

for more photos check out my flickr

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Roobeedoo said...

Ooh! Love that passionflower scarflet! Lucky girl!