Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I've decided that since I have a new office on my own, (somehow I prefer my own space) and I will be spending more time there, that I will start making my own Bento lunches. I've loved the idea for a while, but never really had the drive to do anything about it.
I've joined Just Bento it's given me loads of ideas and recipes and last week I had my first two Bento lunches.

Lunch no.1 consisted off: brown rice, blanched broccoli and mange tout, 1 egg tamgoyaki (japanese omelet), crispy prawns, red pepper and onion confit and earl grey muffin.

It was absolutely yummy and really easy to prepare. I just had to be a little organised. I marinated the frozen prawns the night before. The confit, veg, rice and the muffins where also prepared the night before. Both the confit and muffins will do about 3 days and I made enough rice and for a week (froze the other portions).

Day 2 was not so traditionally Japanese, but it was frugal. We had home made Pizza and salad the evening before, so I made a left overs Bento.

This one was also delicious and a little more filling, that was probably because the scone base on the pizza. Anyway it's home made pizza squares, salad, olives, tomato,pepper and onion confit scrambled eggs, earl grey muffin and strawberries.

We're now on a long weekend. I've been tidying our bedroom/crafting room, catching up and finishing off some swaps. I've made a chicken apron for the OWS 48 swap and it's so cool, I'll post pics once she's received.
I'm now working on a slouchy Beret for another lady on the OWS 48.
Tomorrow I'll be planning my Bento's for the week.

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