Monday, August 17, 2009

Cat's paw

Ho hum that's my holidays almost over. i didn't get done what i wanted to do, but that's because the OH was being unhelpful, but we did manage to do some things that I hadn't planned on doing. We've almost got a laminated kitchen floor for free. We got the laminate from freecycle. It's no where near perfect, but that's because we're laying it and it's not new. Although it's SO MUCH better than what was there before. Hopefully by the end of this week we'll have it finished and we'll also have the new work surface put in. The work surface has been in the hall for at least 3 years now.

I've been a busy beaver crafting for swaps and having a great time trying new things, more sewing projects.
This one I'm really proud of. My first rag doll, she's a day of the dead doll that was inspired by one in someones wists.

I think she rocks.

I also tried my hand at Kanzashi, Japanese folded flowers. Not a craft I'd do again,I've decided I hate working with glue. So I made a few and then added some crochet flowers...much more fun to make.

I've done some more spinning, this is a core spun with some of my food colouring dyed Shetland and a some brown wool mixed with white alpaca. Came out quite nice. I'm working on making a finer yarn. It's going to be one strand of the brown/white alpaca plied with a strand of dark red and green Shetland. I hoping for something a bit like some of the noro shades that you see.

Finally I've been getting on really well with my Cat's paw shawl. Mine is done on smaller needles with finer yarn, as I really want to use it to wrap around my neck. I was inspired by the Aestlight shawl Roobeedoo linked to on her blog. Here's pics of how I'm getting on.

I've got 44 more rows to do then I'm going to have to think about how to finish it off.The original pattern calls for a fringe, but I'd rather like a decorative edging like the Aestlight shawl has.

Anyway I have a day of holidays left to enjoy and on my crafting list I have, reuseable sandwhich bags, crochet bowls, crochet flower earrings, crochet flower scarf and loads of halloween stuff.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've never been much of a sewer. Can't sew in a straight line to save myself. Although recently, via swapping I've really started to get into it. What I now love is how quickly I can produce a swap item compared to how long it would take me to knit or crochet the same thing.
So recently I've made two hipslingers, a mp3 player cosy, a rag doll and a make-up brush roll. Can't show you the last two as they're still in transit, but here are my hipslingers and mp3 cosy.

Cool and my lines are getting straighter. :o)

I also knitted a slouchy beret recently. Turned out to be a very quick knit. Hope it fits the lady I sent it too.

I'm on annual leave and loving it atm. another week to go :o) getting some work done around the house (far too slowly!!!) Managing to get loads of crafting done too. Just wrapped up my BTVS (Buffy) swap package to be sent off tomorrow and I'm hoping to get started on my 13 days of Halloween swap.
Other than that I've joined the travelling teabox on ravelry, which is where this box filled with tea and extra goodies travels around europe. when you get it you take out what you fancy and add back in the equivalent and then sent it onto the next person on the list. Sounds like fab fun. I've also started working on two wraps/shawls:
Cats paw lace shawl I'm making mine with sock wool and smaller needles so I hope it will be much smaller. I want to use it as a scarf.
Versatility I even bought wool for this one. I've been eyeing it up for ages and eventually took the plunge.
Off course both are for me so they sit at the bottom of the pile all the time.
Anyway I'm going to get back to my cats paw shawl.