Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Time no see!

I know, I know, I've been terrible and haven't updated in ages. I blame it all on that awful 13 days of Halloween swap I took part in. Huge disappointment - Enough said.
Anyway i have been busy and here are some of my goodies I've made:

1. Meet Reggie. I made him for a lovely lady on craftster. No pattern just winged him and beside him is one of my first coiled fabric bowls. Very cute.

2. A crochet flower scarf. Again for a swap. No pattern. I made the flowers and leaves first and then made a dark green mesh scarf and sewed them on it.

3. Hats for a swap. The flower one was an old curtain and the prototype. I liked it so much I sent it with the actually finished hat (the denim one. Couldn't find a pattern online so I adapted this one.

4. Handmade Halloween Movie note books. I learned how to do coptic binding for a buffy swap and I've been using it ever since. Had great fun making these.

5. Two needle fingerless gloves. I got the pattern of ravelry linky and it's so adaptable. I'm making another set for my niece for Christmas, using a completely different cuff. There's also a little octopus ipod cosy in the pic.

6. Finally a couple of crochet things for my Halloween swap. Amigurumi and juggling balls. No you see a connection.

So now it's a big push to get all the Christmas stuff done.
To do list:
1. Finish 5 hours sweater for my mum. Just need to do the sleeves, but making them 3/4 length
2. Finish wacky crochet squares blanket for DD.
3. Finish off swap items for a fill a stocking swap on Craftster - almost done just one little thing to make and it'll be in the post on the 9th :o)

Plus I'm taking a couple of days annual leave before christmas as I want to make some homemade goodies.
1. Noyau - bottled last night recipe link
2. Limoncello - started last night
3. Mincemeat this recipe as a guide, but we've added loads of different dried/glace fruits,walnuts and allspice. - Jarred

4. Homemade sweeties - planning on making rather than buying this year:

Cinder toffee probably dip half in chocolate

Candy Corn hoping to make these in Christmas colours red, green and white

Chocolate and Almond Popcorn Not sure if I'll use almonds or not. Probably depends on what I have in the cupboard.

So I'm totally in Christmas mode and loving it. Can't wait until I have two weeks of to relax and be merry. I promise to blog more often as I have been a bad bad girl.
More gratuitous pussy cat pics next time.