Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bunny Olini

Finally the snow has all gone. Whoo Hoo!! I love snow, but only when I don't have to drive in it.
It's been a good year so far. I've generally got a warm room in the house and we've not had to buy any fuel for the fire yet. My great and wonderful friend moved into the same village as me :o) Yee ha..... She's going to get so fed up with seeing me.
When I'm not visiting my friend I've been doing some crafting and joining swaps. I even managed to fit a small cupboard into my sitting room (came from friends house) so that I can hide away some of my crafting stuff and not have it lying all around the sitting room. Which is the only warm room in the house.

Anyway some of my recent Craftiness.

Crochet Snowflakes

Knitted Irish Hiker Wrist warmers

Bunny Olini - new owner thinks she's lovely

World of Warcraft The Horde Shield

For a WOW fan who embroiders - Hence the WOW embroidery bag made from an upcycled school sweatshirt.


On the go.

1. Irish Knit Tea cosy - about Half done
2. Lumpy Bumpy tea cosy - Frogged
3. My DD's crazy blanket - it's all crocheted up but I'm waiting on a few more squares before it'll be finished. Still waiting, although I'm doing a crochet-a-long using Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blacks book
4. Still working on my catspaw shawl - not touched
5. Still working on Versatality - not touched

Plan to make

1.Seraphina's shawl - not started
2. Elephant Tea cosy - not started
3. More fingerless gloves - not started
4. Loads of swapping. :o)- Oh yes I'm in two swaps atm. I've got some retro cloth napkins, a crochet hook roll, notecards and something "Creepy, but cute" to make.


niceguyrichy said...

ok, i'm glad the new owner likes Bunny Olini, but the thing still makes me laugh when i see it..
it definately started out as a bunny, right? :P

Taz said...

Hi hon thanks for the birthday wishes. Don't worry turning 40 was totally painless ;)
Lucky you getting a good friend moving into the village, I'm sure she'll not get fed up of you at all - how could she!
Loving your makes, that bunnny is cute, cute fluffy ears.

Roobeedoo said...

How lucky you are to have a good friend nearby!
That bunny is insane (in the nicest possible way!) - love the purple ears!
By the way - I borrowed a fab crochet book from Ab'shire libraries - you might want to reserve it? It's this one:The Harmony Guides Crochet Edgings and Trims. Now I want to "edge" everything in sight!

Sarah McWhinney said...

I've got a friend who crochets snowflakes like yours. She starches them to make them flat and stiff. Hope you are feeling better from your cold. I love the gothic doll you made! I'm on blogspot too, mostly to show off paintings, but I don't have an awful lot to say about them. xxx