Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Well that's all it seems to be doing atm.
Snow,more snow.....Proof.

So not used to it. This started before Christmas and it's still here. What's more it appears to be getting worse. I've no idea how to cope with it. I hate driving in the snow, all it does is stress me out. Arghh. Working from home this week to combat it. Fingers crossed for thaw this weekend. :o)

Still crafting in the evenings, so far this year I've finished a pair of slippers for my DD (crochet) and a pair of fabby fingerless gloves. Started them ages ago.

On the go.

1. Irish Knit Tea cosy link
2. Lumpy Bumpy tea cosy - ravelry download
3. My DD's crazy blanket - it's all crocheted up but I'm waiting on a few more squares before it'll be finished.
4. Still working on my catspaw shawl
5. Still working on Versatality

Plan to make

1.Seraphina's shawl Link
2. Elephant Tea cosy link
3. More fingerless gloves.
4. Loads of swapping. :o)


1 comment:

Roobeedoo said...

Yup. I am sick of the white stuff. It is over the top of my wellies now when I take the dog out. Luckily the dog is a big fella - I can just see the end of his tail bobbing about ahead of me! And I hate driving in this. FL drove me to work today and I had my eyes shut most of the way!