Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just wanted to share how I spent my morning. Got up at the ungodly hour of 7am, or 6am if you go by my body clock. It wasn't quite ready to loose an hour last night. I then watched an extremely enjoyable F1 Race. It was exciting, there was overtaking, crashes, rain, Bob came in 2nd (Go Bob) and absolutely best of all BUTTON WON :o)
So I was a very Happy Bunny.

I then ate a sandwich and started on my main project of the day.
Ever since we'd put in the stove, at the end of last year, we'd had this unsightly hole in the wall. Now it wasn't so bad as I really quite like rustic, but I missed having a mantel. I tried putting in the old one, but it wasn't big enough anymore.
So yesterday I had a rummage around the wood that has been pulled out of the bakery next door and found some suitable pieces. This morning I cut them to the required size, and then got out some nails, screws, a hammer and some screw drivers.

Et Voila.....

I might even get round to painting over that god awful pink. Now I like pink, but really only to wear.

And now for the gratutious pussy picture......
Here's Little Girl, she's so cute.

So what now it's only 2pm. Do I rest in the quiet reassurance that I've done well today.... or do I test myself further and pull out that pattern for a shirt that I found. I've never sewn an item of clothing from a pattern. :o)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cheeky Swoosh Kitty

Been a while since I put any pussy pictures up. Yesterday I was working from home. I got up to stoke the fire and look what happened.

This is Ivan the afore mentioned Swoosh kitty. He's all sleek black apart from a litte white swoosh on his lower belly. And that's my chair not his!!

Anyway since I already had the camera out,I thought I'd take some pics of the the other lazy poops enjoying the warm living room.

Here's Z

and Fat Cat aka Gandalf

I send away my item for the quick and easy swap, but can't put pics up yet as she's not received. I received from her though and I was utterly delighted. I got an Elephant tea cosy. It's straight of my wists and a perfect colour and size. See.

Anyway I'm just about finished my April MOH swap and I've joined a DIY kit swap.


On the go.

1. Irish Knit Tea cosy - about Half done Still no further, although do plan to pick it up this week
2. My DD's crazy blanket - Got loads more square to add to it.
3. Still working on my catspaw shawl - done a few more rows, but not finished.
4. Still working on Versatality - not touched
5. Participating in swaps - Got 2 finished this year, 2 sent awaiting arrival and 2 in progress.
6. Drops waistcoat - started.

Plan to make

1.Seraphina's shawl - not started
2. Elephant Tea cosy - Don't need to now as I got one in a swap :o)
3. More fingerless gloves - not started
4. Loads of swapping. :o)- on target for this.
5. Bought a jacket pattern from ebay McCalls 5531 - here's a load of people who have made the long version on Craftster. I've sent away for lining and some interfacing. I'm excited and scared all at the same time about making this. Wish me luck.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to my Bad Ways

I so tried to keep up my posting. I'm such a bad blogger.
Anyway It's now March and I am sorry for being so lax.
Not much going on around here.
Good stuff...hmm I'm still crafting and I've found a new swap to become addicted too. It's called the Monthly Odd Holiday swap. It really cool you pick 6 holidays from a month. e.g. For Aprils swap I picked:

1.Be Kind to Spiders Week
2.National Library Week
3.Scrabble Day
4.National garlic Day
5.World Penguin Week
6.National Card And Letter Writing week

My partner picks 3 of these holidays and makes me a little something to go with it.

For March I picked:

1.National Craft Month
2.National Peanut Month
3.National Quilting Day
4.Saint Patrick's Day
5.Peanut Butter lovers Day
6.National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Out of these she chose to make me things for:
1. National Craft Month
4. Saint Patrick's Day
6. National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
and this is what she made me.

My partner picked:

1.World Folk Tales & Fables Week (March 22nd - 28th)
2.Make Your Own Holiday (March 26th)
3.Worship of Tools (March 11th)
4.National Craft Month
5.National Photography Day (March 27th)
6.National Caffeine Awareness

and I made her:

For National Caffeine Awareness

Worship Tools Day

World Folk Tales & Fables Week- I took Our very own Loch Ness Monster as a bit of a fable.

Not so good stuff: Something is killing off my chickens. First I thought the bad weather had been getting them, but other than 2 bodies I've had 8 chickens go missing. I finally found a heap of feathers, so all I can conclude is that something is taking them. I've only got two left :o( I'm not happy as I have no clue how to protect them. I'll need to try and lock them in at night.

Any other than that roll on the better weather.