Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to my Bad Ways

I so tried to keep up my posting. I'm such a bad blogger.
Anyway It's now March and I am sorry for being so lax.
Not much going on around here.
Good stuff...hmm I'm still crafting and I've found a new swap to become addicted too. It's called the Monthly Odd Holiday swap. It really cool you pick 6 holidays from a month. e.g. For Aprils swap I picked:

1.Be Kind to Spiders Week
2.National Library Week
3.Scrabble Day
4.National garlic Day
5.World Penguin Week
6.National Card And Letter Writing week

My partner picks 3 of these holidays and makes me a little something to go with it.

For March I picked:

1.National Craft Month
2.National Peanut Month
3.National Quilting Day
4.Saint Patrick's Day
5.Peanut Butter lovers Day
6.National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Out of these she chose to make me things for:
1. National Craft Month
4. Saint Patrick's Day
6. National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
and this is what she made me.

My partner picked:

1.World Folk Tales & Fables Week (March 22nd - 28th)
2.Make Your Own Holiday (March 26th)
3.Worship of Tools (March 11th)
4.National Craft Month
5.National Photography Day (March 27th)
6.National Caffeine Awareness

and I made her:

For National Caffeine Awareness

Worship Tools Day

World Folk Tales & Fables Week- I took Our very own Loch Ness Monster as a bit of a fable.

Not so good stuff: Something is killing off my chickens. First I thought the bad weather had been getting them, but other than 2 bodies I've had 8 chickens go missing. I finally found a heap of feathers, so all I can conclude is that something is taking them. I've only got two left :o( I'm not happy as I have no clue how to protect them. I'll need to try and lock them in at night.

Any other than that roll on the better weather.

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