Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just wanted to share how I spent my morning. Got up at the ungodly hour of 7am, or 6am if you go by my body clock. It wasn't quite ready to loose an hour last night. I then watched an extremely enjoyable F1 Race. It was exciting, there was overtaking, crashes, rain, Bob came in 2nd (Go Bob) and absolutely best of all BUTTON WON :o)
So I was a very Happy Bunny.

I then ate a sandwich and started on my main project of the day.
Ever since we'd put in the stove, at the end of last year, we'd had this unsightly hole in the wall. Now it wasn't so bad as I really quite like rustic, but I missed having a mantel. I tried putting in the old one, but it wasn't big enough anymore.
So yesterday I had a rummage around the wood that has been pulled out of the bakery next door and found some suitable pieces. This morning I cut them to the required size, and then got out some nails, screws, a hammer and some screw drivers.

Et Voila.....

I might even get round to painting over that god awful pink. Now I like pink, but really only to wear.

And now for the gratutious pussy picture......
Here's Little Girl, she's so cute.

So what now it's only 2pm. Do I rest in the quiet reassurance that I've done well today.... or do I test myself further and pull out that pattern for a shirt that I found. I've never sewn an item of clothing from a pattern. :o)

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Roobeedoo said...

...and I was just about to say "Love the Barbie pink wall!"
It is great with the tangerine kettle! Hope your sewing plans work out - go for it!