Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well it's D-Day tomorrow. I have to be at ARI tomorrow morning 8am sharp to get my Gall bladder out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I treated myself, earlier this month, to some new fish and a bigger feature in our little fish tank.

I've also started on a cardigan for myself. Might even get it done fairly quickly as it's using large needles and thick wool. It's a Nimbus
Looks like this so far.

Front left is done and I'm almost finished the collar. Then I'll do sleeves, front right and finally back.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My DS started college yesterday. 12 Week Pre-Sea Training for the Merchant Navy. It was a bit touch and go to start with, but I'm very proud of him. He got over the intial hurdle and was settled in class after lunch.
Keeping all fingers crossed that this goes well for him.
My Secret Santa shall finally get her present today. It was all delayed due to the bad weather.
I really hope she likes the Hat....

and the Whisky Fudge.

Pottery Starts again Tomorrow :o)
I missed several classes at the end of last term due to the blinking awful snow. Just before we broke up I took the bull by the horns and asked if my tutor could show me how to throw a teapot. Next class I threw 2 teapots. They're thrown in individual parts, so bowl of pot, spout and lid. Then pulled handle.
Unfortunately I then couldn't get back to class to finish them.
Fortunately my Pal Paula, went in and collected the individual bits and I was able to put them together back at her house.
Hopefully tomorrow we'll get them back to class in one piece and they'll be bisque fired. So fingers crossed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm sure I've mentioned this site before. You can look up books, read reviews on books, save a list of books that you've read and books you want to read. There are also groups that you can join and chat to people.
I've recently joined the Dark Fantasy group. I joined it in the first place as I read a book recently and wanted to find out if it was part of a set. Now this is easy to do on Goodreads, but not so easy when you can't remember the title or author of the book. :o) Fortunately one of the lovely lasses in the group named it for me.
Anyway the group has brought up loads of suggestions for reading material this year, going to definitely get my fill of historical Romance, paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Plus I hoping to start the Wheel of time series and maybe some classics if I have time. Think my eReader is definitely going to be well worked. Can't wait!!
Off course unless I can get better at my crochet and knitting without looking I won't be doing much crafting. I'll really need to work on my time management. :o)

I am though planning to do some crafting. I'm already building a list on ravelry. plus there will no doubt be birthday gifts etc.

Crochet Plans: they're all ravelry Links.

This Visor Hat
One of these elephant-pillow for my OH. A bit like this one. Not sure what colour I'm making his in.

I really fancy making one of these. It's a funky shawl.
I'm also planning
. Funky

I already have on my hook:
Chevron Jacket
Granny Slippers. Like the ones below

Fringed Shawl. In red sock wool.

Knitting Plans:

Scott Pilgrims Slouch Hat For my DS. He wants it in shades of Grey.
Stars These are so cute, want to make some for this years decorations.
Nimbus This would be great for work.
cable Hat. Just cause it's cute and you can never have too many hats.
Vest Another cute one for work.
AND OMG I started Versatality over a year ago. Must pull my finger out and get it done.

I also want to do some sewing. I have loads of patterns, but need to decide which ones I'd actually wear.

So it's Sunday night. I need to get us all ready for tomorrow: work clothes, school clothes and College Clothes. DS starts his 12 week Pre Sea Training course tomorrow. :o)
Plus there's baths, dinner or craft? We'll see, probably depends on how much time I have.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Hat from Here gloves from Here made for Christmas in funky Robin wool I got on eBay.

No resolutions, but a few hopes. I hope this year will be less stressful and emotionally fraught. I hope this year I will have lots of fun and happy stuff to blog about. I hope that this year to dance, play games, get fit, go camping lots and craft up a storm!

Synopsis of the last few months of 2010
Went to Belladrum (music festival) for the first time. Had a spectacular time, so much so that Mum gas bought our tickets already for this year.

Have had huge gallstones issues, ended up spending 5 days in hospital at the beginning of November. I'm due in hospital 21st jan to have my gall bladder removed

OMG I turned 40!!!!!!!! Let's just gloss over that one.

Got stuck into a second term of pottery, but ended up missing 3 classes due to the awful weather we've been having, so not much to show yet, but I do have 2 teapots sitting waiting a bisque fire. Class starts again in the 5th Jan.

My DS ended up living on the West Coast for a while, but he's back again to start a college course tomorrow.

Had to give away my last chicken. I was gutted, but Mr Fox started calling again with the snow. So I'm down to cats and fish. 3 of which are sitting on my knee as I type.

Ended up on snowing hillside on the banks of Loch Ness to bury my last Grandparent on Christmas eve. Granny Peggy managed a fine exit.

Had a very quite Christmas. The kids ended up on the West Coast with my Mum and me and the OH had a peaceful time. Got the most fabby present from my OH, a Pink Sony pocket eBook reader. It's wonderful, I've read 3 books so far on it and I've added a few patterns mainly WIP's that I plan on finishing this new year.

Anyway it's time to put fire on and do some housework, then I'll get some knitting done