Thursday, February 3, 2011

Matchless Pots

So anyway I'm doing fine.Got a bit of a cold, still got a sore shoulder...don't ask, stomach isn't altogether sure about the loss of my gall bladder, so surviving on sandwiches. Anything more and I feel sick. Cuts healing well though.

I did manage to go to pottery, but took my son with me and he did all the lifting and mixing of glazes. I gave him one of my wiggly dishes/jars to decorate however he wanted. so this week I got to pick up all my completed pots. Matchless as they won't match anything you already own and certainly don't match each other. He did the face on the cat for me and the Tribal black and green jar is the one he decorated.
At the end are Mum's Tea Cosey and my Hat that I managed to finish during my Christmas Holidays.
Here's the gallery.


Anna said...

Don't overdue! I had a kidney out a few years ago, I was shocked at how long it took before I felt comfortable throwing again. Remember you use alot of tummy muscles at that wheel. Heal well so you can throw to your hearts content. I found you on ravelry, so knit until you heal!

Taz said...

Glad to hear you're recovering well. (((hugs)))
Loving your pots ;) x