Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Using up Annual Leave

So it's just about the end of the financial year at work and I have a few days of annual leave left, so I'm on holiday. Again it's a stay at home holiday, as I have lots of plans. So far It's all happening very, very slowly. I made a birthday cake for one of my DD's friends (Task 1). She wanted a tower of chocolate cake a bit like a wedding cake. This is my finished design.

Task 2 I really needed to dye my hair. I found my first grey hair at 23 and it's been going down hill from there. I like wacky colours in my hair like red and purple, but the last time I went purple I got dark purple, with the grey going bright purple. This would have been fine, but the grey is mainly at the front. So I'm sitting with a towel over my head whilst my hair is drying. I have my fingers crossed, that after applying some blonde streaks, using a cap and a tiny crochet hook/brush from a Wella kit, then some purple hair dye. I will end up with dark purple hair with bright purple streaks.....Fingers crossed.
That's it for my completed tasks.

Still to do:
3. Gut DD's bedroom and turn it into a playroom
4. Turn crafting room into DD's bedroom
5. Tidy up sitting room (bigger job than it sounds).
6. Finish painting Sittingroom wall.
7. Finish knitting cardigan
8. Spend evenings doing pottery.

Tasks 3 and 4 are Huge. So might not get any further than these this week.

Here are some of my latest pottery efforts and some that are incomplete:

First is a bit of a disaster. It was meant to be a white and green marbled platter with a hint of turquoise on top, with the Caterpillar from Alice and the word CHILL. Unfortunately the copper in the transparent glaze appears to have reacted with the chrome oxide (green colour) and we now have pink and not transparent. :o(

The Flaggon is just excellent. Love how it turned out. Made from a slab, turned into a cylinder and then the bottom pressed together to form a tripod. Inside is glazed with Tivoli Red and the rest is a mix of glazes with a hand painted hawk (looks a bit like a vulture to me). made it for my OH as a beer Flaggon.

Finally a couple of wall plates. They're wall plates, as they have flaws that make them unsuitable to eat off. The dark and white one has an imprint that was meant to be filled with glaze. this didn't work. So not suitable for food. The mushroom one is hand painted and turned out lovely, but it was very thin, so warped. You can't see it, but the food would just run off the plate...Definitely a wall plate.

I'm working on several items at the moment, but always forget to get photos. I did manage to capture this goblet: Stem thrown on a wheel and the bowl made with a inch pot and this Coffee/Tea pot: slab built body and spout, needs handle and Lid. These are unfired, so are green ware. Only caught them, as I'm working with them at home.

Going to check out my dye job. :o)


Roobeedoo said...

Yay for purple hair! ;D

Trees said...

I love that cake you made, I am sure your DD friend will be over the moon with it. Also love that mushroom plate - so whimsical:)