Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red Clay

We finally managed to get a delivery of clay. OK not a delivery as such P collected it on the way back from England. We got Buff stoneware, Red Earthenware and white of each.
Now we're both fairly used to throwing and working with Stoneware, but earthenware is new to us.
Had our first go of throwing with it last night. It doesn't feel that different, seemed to stick to the hands more and being red it made an awful mess. Frankly it looked like I had been playing with Poop. :o)
Sorry no pics yet of those, I made a lidded jar, a cappuccino cup and a small bowl (for the barbie).
Today though me and the DD had a play hand building with the red clay. We made more birds, a lidded flask and she made a monkey.

Great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Look at the concentration.... Eddie was enjoying the sun too.

It's been a beautiful weekend: DD had a sleep over; We went to beach and collected seaweed and driftwood for my barbie firing; We played with red clay :o)

One small blip on the horizon though. LP has been bitten by another cat and his leg is swollen to twice the size. I'll need to take him to the vet in the morning. I have my fingers crossed that it'll just be a antibiotic shot (please, please). Poor boy is sleeping on my bed and been forced to endure getting his wound soaked in warm salt solution. He not awfully pleased by this.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hunger Games

I don't tend to read Young Adult Fiction, but every, now and then you come across an absolute gem, well in this case 3 gems.
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins is just a fabulous read. Thoroughly enjoyed all 3.

Book 1 - The Hunger Games

Catching Fire


Check them out.

Plus it's being turned into a movie. :o)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birds Galore

I now have 9 birds made. Four to burnish for a barbie firing and 5 that will be bisqued and then glazed. Here's a collage of the birds in various stages of Greenware. Doesn't include my first bird as you've already seen heaps of pics of him. You may see an Elvis and a Punk if you look closely.

My potter partner/best mate managed to get a load of clay, on her way back from her Easter break. So we now have heaps of clay, some Buff stoneware, some Red Earthenware and a white stoneware and White Earthenware. I have a chunk of the red home with me to make me some RED birds.

I'm now a seller on Folksy. Matchless Pots Store - Come and check it out..... Ok I know I have only 3 things for sale so far, but I didn't realise how much I had given away or personalised and kept as my own. So this are my only 3 excess, but I hope to add Birds soon. :o)
Anyway must go and eat my tastey home made Curry. :o) Oh and the Scones were a total hit, so will definitely be making more.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Handbag

I have been looking for a new handbag for ages. I not really into handbags, but they are useful for work. I didn't realise until I started looking that I had such specific idea on handbags.
Anyway I needed it to be:
Cheap - It's a tool for work and I don't actually need a new one. The old one works, but it is old and a bit worn.
Sexy - Ok not really a need, but if I'm getting a new one then I want to like it.
Big Enough - to hold all my work essentials, but not too big that I need to build muscles to haul it around.
Not Black - I wear lots of black and I want my bag not to just blend in.

Sounds easy, but it took me ages and I tried heaps and heaps of charity shops. Eventually I remembered to trawl ebay and Look at this :o)

Cost me £6.99 including delivery
I'm stoked.

So what do you think?
Do you like it?
Did I get a bargain?
Any ideas where I can get sexy purple summer wedges to wear for work?
They need to be cheap and not more than 2.5 inches high.

This weeks Scones: Toasted Coconut and Plain chocolate - These are an absolute hit. They taste good and my DD loves them with Peanut butter. Think I'll be baking them all week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I feel that I managed to have quite a busy, successful long weekend. I've got Sauerkraut fermenting away in a jar. I've blocked my finished Cardigan. I've made some paperclay and started making 3 new birds with it. I've done loads of washing and I've started a new Cardigan. Whoo Hoo.

So Sauerkraut. I've often thought about making it, as I love the stuff, it's especially good on sandwiches, but for some reason it's always sounded so complicated to make and so easy to go wrong. This has now all changed for me though. On Sunday I was trawling through the blogs I read on Google Reader.

You should so get one of these if you read a lot of blogs. It holds all your blogs that you read in one place. It's obvious when you sign in which blogs have new posts on them and you can share interesting blog posts with your friends.

Anyway I found one from one of my fellow potters (ha, ha I'm calling myself a Potter now, not sure I'm quite ready to claim that title yet), where she's making a Sauerkraut Crock for her Hubbie's birthday.
This post
At the bottom it has her hubbie's favourite Sauerkraut making Youtube video. It's a fantastic video, well worth watching. Espeacially as it's the life I would like to live, but don't have the courage, money or greenfingers to do it.

After watching I thought hey that doesn't actually sound too hard. I then must of read something about making it in a jar and then I found this video.

Within 10 minutes I was down in the kitchen throwing together some Sauerkraut, using that red cabbage I had sitting, for a while, in the fridge.
In my Sauerkraut I used: Red Cabbage; Onion; garlic; Juniper berries; Caraway seeds; Brine. I'm excited. :o)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yellow Era

OMG what can the matter be
2 blogs in so few days ain't a tragedy......

So I have more photos to show you. I have my burnished Bird, my finished Nimbus and some glazed pots!!!!

OK Mr Angry bird first.He's had his first lot of burnishing done. I may do it a bit more with the help of some olive oil. Everyone seems to like him so I'm going to make more to fire in the Barbie and some to glaze, all different sizes and shapes.

I finished by Nimbus....Finally. I've had it sitting waiting on maybe 1/2 hour of knitting to get it finished for the past month. Well I finally sat down and finished the knitting and then sewed it up. It needs some blocking to help the arms lie flat and to lengthen it a bit. Overall and pretty pleased with it.

When last term of pottery class finished, we left a glaze firing on. Our tutor Anne has started keeping a facebook page for the classes, so I've managed to get some pics of my completed items before heading back to class on the 20th.
I went through a bit of a yellow phase.
1. To try it out.
2. Because it took about 45 minutes to get the blinking thing mixed up.

I'm pretty excited about how everything turned out. Quite often I find that glazing can be the worst part of the pottery process. Not that I can't glaze, but more often as not the glazing doesn't live up to the picture in my head. This time I'm really happy, match and in some cases surpass my head pic.
This is what I ended up with: First thrown goblet; Sunshine bowl; Under the sea lidded Jar; Wee tester pot for my Art Nouveau teapot.

This has blue scragffito on the outside. I love how the flower has turned out and how the blue and yellow work together. Yeah it's chunky, but it was a first attempt at a goblet....probably only big enough for a sherry :o)

I love this bowl. Need to get a side on pic too. The outside is a deep dark black/purple. The bottom is red glass. I love how it looks a bit like the centre of the sun.

The lid needs about a 1/2 turn to the left I think, the wavy seaweed matches up from base to lid. It meant to represent seaweed waving around under the sea. The inside should be....yellow :o)(Told you yellow was everywhere).

Hmm still not too sure I've managed to capture the right glaze for my teapot. There's another arum lily on the other side it might be better. The little tester pot came out really cute though and guess what....yep it's yellow on the inside too :o)

My best mate and I have just bought (I hope) a load of clay and she's collecting it on the way back from her hols (I hope), so by Wednesday I should have plenty to play with...Fingers crossed.
Here's to more birdies :o)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Double Pinch

I think I may have mentioned my pottery geekeriness. No! Really?
Well my latest pottery inspiration is doing a firing in a barbeque. I've been reading up on pit firing and barbeque firing. Here are some of my sources:

Wildclay - This talks about handbuilding then pit firing, gorgeous black pots.

pistrucciartworks - This one is all about barbeque firing and decoration techniques

vickihardin - This one goes into depth about pit firing and some fab ideas about different materials giving different colours. I so want to try seaweed and drift wood.

So now that I really want to try this, I need to make some items to fire. These items need to be fairly small and be used for decoration due to them not being food safe and a more delicate than properly fired pots. I also want them to be burnished (there's an explanation in the wildclay link), so that they have a smooth shiny finish.
Here's my first piece for the fire. I was inspired by a wonderful pottery blog Glynnes Lessing who recently did a post about double pinch pots. You'll note that my piece is very much like one on here. It reminded me of an angry bird, so I just had to make one.

My bird needs to dry more, so that I can burnish it, then I need to make more pots.

Now for a laugh, my daughter just uncovered this.....

Me Hockey I would be 12 probably I'm far left, back row.