Friday, April 15, 2011

Birds Galore

I now have 9 birds made. Four to burnish for a barbie firing and 5 that will be bisqued and then glazed. Here's a collage of the birds in various stages of Greenware. Doesn't include my first bird as you've already seen heaps of pics of him. You may see an Elvis and a Punk if you look closely.

My potter partner/best mate managed to get a load of clay, on her way back from her Easter break. So we now have heaps of clay, some Buff stoneware, some Red Earthenware and a white stoneware and White Earthenware. I have a chunk of the red home with me to make me some RED birds.

I'm now a seller on Folksy. Matchless Pots Store - Come and check it out..... Ok I know I have only 3 things for sale so far, but I didn't realise how much I had given away or personalised and kept as my own. So this are my only 3 excess, but I hope to add Birds soon. :o)
Anyway must go and eat my tastey home made Curry. :o) Oh and the Scones were a total hit, so will definitely be making more.

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niceguyrichy said...

they're all cool, but my fav is still the stupid looking one top middle :o)