Thursday, April 7, 2011

Double Pinch

I think I may have mentioned my pottery geekeriness. No! Really?
Well my latest pottery inspiration is doing a firing in a barbeque. I've been reading up on pit firing and barbeque firing. Here are some of my sources:

Wildclay - This talks about handbuilding then pit firing, gorgeous black pots.

pistrucciartworks - This one is all about barbeque firing and decoration techniques

vickihardin - This one goes into depth about pit firing and some fab ideas about different materials giving different colours. I so want to try seaweed and drift wood.

So now that I really want to try this, I need to make some items to fire. These items need to be fairly small and be used for decoration due to them not being food safe and a more delicate than properly fired pots. I also want them to be burnished (there's an explanation in the wildclay link), so that they have a smooth shiny finish.
Here's my first piece for the fire. I was inspired by a wonderful pottery blog Glynnes Lessing who recently did a post about double pinch pots. You'll note that my piece is very much like one on here. It reminded me of an angry bird, so I just had to make one.

My bird needs to dry more, so that I can burnish it, then I need to make more pots.

Now for a laugh, my daughter just uncovered this.....

Me Hockey I would be 12 probably I'm far left, back row.

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