Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red Clay

We finally managed to get a delivery of clay. OK not a delivery as such P collected it on the way back from England. We got Buff stoneware, Red Earthenware and white of each.
Now we're both fairly used to throwing and working with Stoneware, but earthenware is new to us.
Had our first go of throwing with it last night. It doesn't feel that different, seemed to stick to the hands more and being red it made an awful mess. Frankly it looked like I had been playing with Poop. :o)
Sorry no pics yet of those, I made a lidded jar, a cappuccino cup and a small bowl (for the barbie).
Today though me and the DD had a play hand building with the red clay. We made more birds, a lidded flask and she made a monkey.

Great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Look at the concentration.... Eddie was enjoying the sun too.

It's been a beautiful weekend: DD had a sleep over; We went to beach and collected seaweed and driftwood for my barbie firing; We played with red clay :o)

One small blip on the horizon though. LP has been bitten by another cat and his leg is swollen to twice the size. I'll need to take him to the vet in the morning. I have my fingers crossed that it'll just be a antibiotic shot (please, please). Poor boy is sleeping on my bed and been forced to endure getting his wound soaked in warm salt solution. He not awfully pleased by this.

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